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Silicon Labs supports Bluetooth Mesh features, standardised Networked Lighting Control profiles

September 26, 2023

Posted by: Shriya Raban

Silicon Labs has announced their support for Bluetooth Special Interest Group’s (SIG) new feature enhancements for Bluetooth Mesh as well as their new Networked Lighting Control (NLC) standard. This seeks to provide a single standard for commercial and industrial lighting using Bluetooth Mesh.

“The new enhancements and profiles released today by the SIG will be supported by Silicon Labs devices and we look forward to applying the optimisations, cost-savings, and security enhancements in the new release for our customers,” says Ross Sabolcik, senior vice president of industrial and commercial business unit at Silicon Labs. “Silicon Labs devices have supported Bluetooth Mesh since it launched in 2017, and we have helped a countless number of our customers adopt the standard for use cases like building automation, predictive maintenance, and commercial lighting.”

Silicon Labs devices support these new Bluetooth Mesh feature enhancements:

These four features are supported on the BG21BG22BG24, and BG27 SoCs and modules.

Standardised network lighting control device profiles improve interoperability for commercial lighting

Part of the reason that Bluetooth technology has become such a prevalent technology in people’s lives is its reliance on standards. Through standards, the Bluetooth connections made between phones, PCs, headphones, game controllers, vehicle entertainment systems, and countless others all work because they all have built and established trust in the device profiles that initiate these connections, and they are universally used and available.

The Bluetooth SIG is taking that to the next step with the release of their new NLC bundle of device profiles. These standardised profiles will improve interoperability, scalability, simplify integration in the field, and grow the Bluetooth ecosystem. The same Silicon Labs Bluetooth SoCs and modules that support the new feature enhancements can also support the following NLC profiles: ambient light sensor, basic scene selector, dimming control, basic lightness controller, and occupancy sensor.

Build new solutions with Silicon Labs and Bluetooth Mesh

Silicon Labs customers interested in leveraging these new Bluetooth Mesh feature enhancements should download the SDK (software development kit) and contact Silicon Labs. In addition, developers can learn more about Bluetooth Mesh and other Bluetooth IoT (internet of things) tools in Silicon Labs’ library of educational resources, including:

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