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ONE expands ecosystem with universal adapter support for diverse systems, data sources

September 26, 2023

Posted by: Shriya Raban

Greg Brady of One Network Enterprises

One Network Enterprises (ONE) has announced expanded capabilities in its One Network ecosystem. In addition, the network’s adapters are designed to support all enterprise and legacy systems, including planning solutions, risk networks, other third-party networks, blockchain, and retail data repositories. The network also incorporates third-party live data sources such as internet of things (IoT), telematics, weather, traffic, and geopolitical data.

This multi-party, multi-tier inclusivity, with “plug and play” ease, enables a full digital representation of an organisation’s end-to-end supply chain ecosystem. This saves organisations from the difficult challenge of creating their own system and managing the attendant data and integration issues that often bog down and sink many large IT projects.

The network’s inclusiveness allow the AI algorithms to take full advantage of the massive amounts of data on the network. By leveraging their own proprietary and machine learning models and data, organisations can further enhance the AI through the networks’ “bring your own intelligence” (BYOI), capability, enabling even more effective planning and execution.

Due to the network’s inclusivity and incorporation of real-time data, it provides a realistic view of the supply chain, its resources and constraints, allowing for better optimisation and decision making. Its representation of the full multi-tier supply chain which includes current and predicted weather, traffic, and geopolitical factors, also makes supply chains much more flexible.

With a chain of custody solution, the network enables the tracking of complex, lot splitting and merging moves across regions. It also supports numerous regulatory mandates, such as FSMA (Food Safety Modernisation Act) 204 in food, and environmental, social, governance (ESG) concerns which can also be addressed with its carbon tracking and management solution. This chain of custody capability can span across blockchains and ONE’s proprietary ledger.

A feature of the network is that organisations need onboard once, and then they can connect and transact with carriers and suppliers, or any of the other 90,000 organisations already on the network. The network includes master data management tools, including a Databot, that enables organisations to gather, cleanse, reconcile, and publish their master data to the network. Access to data is strictly controlled by a patented permissions framework.

The network’s Plasma tool enables non-developers to build integration pipelines into many other systems and helps speed up onboarding. The network’s SDK (software development kit) for developers provides a tool for adapting, extending, and building solution modules.

The network is designed to be open, accessible, and transparent to everyone. The APIs (application programming interface), SDK, Plasma, and other tools in development mean that other systems or networks, both old and new, will be supported going forward. The goal is to ensure the network is easy to join, flexible, and provides solutions and templates, including ONE’s supply chain control tower, that help supply chains deliver the high quality goods at the lowest landed cost.

“We are absolutely committed to making the One Network open and accessible to all. It is only through a robust network of networks that we’ll be able to provide the highest quality and service at the lowest cost by removing latency, lead time, and minimising inventory and waste,” says Greg Brady, executive chairman and founder of One Network Enterprises.

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