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goTenna secures $99mn IDIQ contract to enhance connectivity, improve operational safety

September 22, 2023

Posted by: Janmesh Chintankar

Ari Schuler of goTenna

goTenna, was awarded a 4-year, $99 million (€92.89 million) IDIQ (indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity) contract with US customs and border protection (CBP). This small business innovative research (SBIR) phase III contract will provide US Border Patrol (USBP) and CBP enterprise with mesh networking capabilities, including radios and fixed relays, software solutions, training, services, and partner accessories. This suite of technologies will support overall communications in severe environments by enabling underpinning infrastructure that supports CBP’s common operating picture.

Incorporating agent data, sensor data, and interoperability among disparate organisations will help operator productivity and safety under USBP seamless integrated communications programme (SIC), agent visualisation programme (AVP), and team awareness kit (TAK) Programme. The initial task order awarded with IDIQ, for $5.5M (€5.16 million), will focus on delivering goTenna’s recent capabilities to USBP, including fixed relay products, mission-enhancing software capabilities, advanced radio development, and ATOS tags from goTenna’s partner, Tough Stump Technologies. As USBP continues to invest in TAK ecosystem to drive more integrated information technology, hardware, and accessories, this contract enables a safer and more productive workforce across CBP enterprise, which includes USBP, office of field operations (OFO), and air and marine operations (AMO), in addition to federal, state, local, tribal and territorial partners.

“USBP, CBP, and their partner agencies operate in some of the nation’s most austere and dangerous areas. We recognise the need for off-grid capabilities to drive safer interactions for CBP personnel and those they interact with during daily operations. We are committed to providing the underlying technology to enhance the safety and protect the lives of these agents and will continue to develop and deploy goTenna capabilities that meet the ever-changing mission needs throughout the duration of this contract.” says goTenna CEO Ari Schuler. This award follows goTenna’s other work supporting CBP and USBP, which includes a $22.3 million contract to provide end-to-end off-grid connectivity and goTenna’s recent maritime mobile mesh networking demonstrations.

Over past year, goTenna has demonstrated how Pro X Series of mesh radios can support safer operations in various environments. In March CBP demonstration, goTenna provided situational awareness during container ship tests. Small teams could maintain TAK chat connectivity and position location information in an otherwise cellular and voice-denied environment, connecting engine room to bridge of a cargo vessel. This field test demonstrated that goTenna is a viable situational awareness and communications platform for officers who board container vessels to conduct operations.

In a second CBP demonstration that month, goTenna demonstrated ship-to-shore connectivity 17 miles off coast of Florida, providing situational awareness and mesh communications for entirety of maritime border enforcement zone. These field tests emulated real-world challenges faced by CBP in maritime, aerial, and urban environments and continue to show value of TAK and a common operating picture to support operations.

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