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DPC, Enturi to enhance wind energy data transparency project by embracing OCF standard

September 22, 2023

Posted by: Janmesh Chintankar

Alex Shakeshaft of Enturi

Data Performance Consultancy (DPC) and Enturi, have announced their partnership for a standards-based wind turbine and data management project. The collaboration will adopt open connectivity foundation (OCF) secure IP (internet protocol) device framework and pair Enturi’s wind turbine with DPC’s data skills to support both businesses and individuals in achieving their sustainability goals through use of transparent data.

DPC is supporting integration of sensors into Enturi’s portable and decentralised wind turbines. The turbines can then connect to DPC’s cloud platform to manage secure communication and management of data. This approach enables:

“Our work with Enturi is a perfect example of how a standardised approach to connectivity and trusted data is enhancing strategies across industries. As the renewable energy industry innovates, both organisations and consumers must have complete confidence that their data is safe. By using the OCF framework, DPC is able to not only comply with UK green energy metering requirements, but with ISO/IEC standards to ensure the secure communication of wind energy data.” says Brian Bishop, CEO of DPC and OCF president

In February 2023, Enturi was awarded £98,000 (€113180.32) of Innovate UK funding to boost system development through advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation and prototyping. “Monitoring and reporting on decarbonisation in a secure yet transparent way is a huge challenge for the renewable energy industry. We are thrilled to collaborate with DPC to ensure both organisations and individuals can easily monitor and report on their sustainability goals. Our vision is to diversify clean technologies to enable businesses and communities to access renewable energy solutions to make significant contributions towards net zero goals, energy security, and energy costs.” says Alex Shakeshaft, CEO and co-founder of Enturi.

DPC is a gold member of OCF, a member-driven technical standards development organisation working to enable IoT devices and services to communicate through an open IP framework which aligns with baselines for IoT security and privacy regulations, offering peace of mind and enriched experiences.

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