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iONLINE launches intelligent network switching SIM with quad-network resilience, security features

September 20, 2023

Posted by: Janmesh Chintankar

iONLINE’s Connected Networks has launched FlexiSIM, its intelligent network switching (eUICC) SIM, in United Kingdom. Many businesses face challenges around network resilience, security and scalability. FlexiSIM solves these issues, offering a multi-network-resilient SIM card for UK and for worldwide mobile connectivity that is adaptable, affordable and secure.

Dave Farquharson, founder and CEO of iONLINE ISP Ltd, believes FlexiSIM’s quad-network resilience across EE, Vodafone, 02, and Three, together with enhanced IoT (internet of things) security services and features, will completely change game for enterprise organisations which use mobile networks to connect their devices. “Unstable connectivity can have serious consequences,” he says. “It creates inconvenience and frustration, and results in missed opportunities, lost customers and decreased revenue. It impedes growth, progress and innovation, and hinders business success. Unreliable connectivity can be the deciding factor between a flourishing business and a failing one.”

FlexiSIM is powered by a virtualised SIM known as a profile. This profile is downloaded remotely over air using eUICC (embedded universal integrated circuit card) a component of SIM which also allows iONLINE to remotely switch mobile network operators (MNOs).

It has ability to remotely update SIM using iONLINE’s global network which makes it possible to reconfigure SIM to connect to various roaming and local carriers at local rates around world. This gives users a complete control over their SIM card 24/7, with capacity to switch carriers as needed. This quad-network resilience across EE, Vodafone, 02, and Three ensures that users maintain constant connectivity, even in areas with weak coverage.

FlexiSIM’s ability to be remotely updated, regardless of where it connects and without complex configurations or transitions, means it can accommodate businesses of any size, making scale much more achievable. A scalable IoT platform enables organisations to build and manage sizeable IoT deployments, accommodating growth and changes with ease, while maintaining performance.

FlexiSIM was built for scale and security, providing connectivity that grows as the enterprise grows, while keeping it secure. A cost-conscious solution, the users will only pay for data they use, nothing more. Better yet, this can be controlled to most granular level, overseeing all aspects with iONLINE’s CentralFlex data management platform. When it comes to IoT device monitoring, CentralFlex lets the users to collect and analyse different data points and metrics in real time, facilitating faster decision making. There is no need to rely on sluggish and unresponsive MNOs to monitor the connections, data usage and costs.

Security and privacy, compliance and control, data breaches and leaks these are very real concerns for companies doing business in today’s interconnected world. FlexiSIM’s emphasis on privacy and security ensures these concerns are all but eliminated. Built on private and secure network, with dedicated routing and private IPs delivered to the network, FlexiSIM only connects to what the users allow. The business can be done with confidence knowing that the data, network and devices are safe and secure.

FlexiSIM is a game changer for businesses that need to stay connected across UK and around the world, says Farquharson. “Picture your team on the cusp of launching a groundbreaking new product, solution or technology that could potentially save lives, or closing a game-changing deal that could elevate your business to new heights,” he says. “All the effort, passion and dedication invested in this crucial moment can be shattered in an instant because of a dropped connection or bad coverage and high latency. The frustration of something like this is inconceivable. Now consider the impact of uninterrupted, fully secure global connectivity on your business intensified by its ability to scale with ease. Imagine the possibilities if those obstacles were no longer a concern.”

Give inflexible carriers, high costs and poor customer service boot, and welcome a highly responsive, secure and reliable IoT connectivity network, backed by iONLINE’s support.

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