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SES, CFE TEIT to bring 4G to 400 remote communities in Mexico

September 18, 2023

Posted by: Janmesh Chintankar

Omar Trujillo of SES

CFE Telecomunicaciones e Internet para Todos (CFE TEIT) and SES announce delivery of voice and data services. These services are enabled by SES’s Mobile Backhaul solution to 400 underserved, remote villages and communities in Mexico. This connectivity will be delivered via SES-17 Ka-band satellite.

With a common goal of supporting efforts of Mexican government to bring connectivity to remote and hard-to-reach locations, CFE TEIT is leveraging SES’s turnkey mobile backhaul service to deliver 2.2 Gbps to hundreds of thousands of residents living across 400 sites.

This mobile backhaul solution will enable rural communities to access 4G network services, paving a way for mobile commerce and economic growth in coming years.

SES’s Mobile Backhaul service via SES-17 and other HTS satellites is playing an integral role in delivering 4G and 5G services to users across Americas. Over next four years in both rural and urban areas across Latin America, an estimated 57 million users will access 4G or 5G for the first time.

“As technology continues to advance, the demand for increased connectivity via both broadband and mobile networks is growing exponentially. At SES we are committed to supporting our partners and making our experience and technology solutions available to CFE TEIT to achieve greater digital inclusion throughout Mexico. SES-17’s Mobile Backhaul service will connect 400 underserved sites across the country and enabled CFE TEIT to deliver 4G services for the first time among the communities,” explains Omar Trujillo, vice president of enterprise americas at SES. “We are thrilled to once again support Mexico’s efforts to bring reliable broadband services at everyone’s fingertips. It is very impressive to see the tremendous impact of the government’s innovative approach to digital inclusion where CFE TEIT directly brings 4G to rural areas in large scale and in a short timeframe.”

Earlier this year, SES and CFE TEIT announced plans in March to deploy more than 1,100 broadband hotspots, as part of Mexico’s federal government initiative called Internet para todos (Internet for Everyone), which delivers free Internet access in thousands of public areas via SES-17. This multi-year collaboration will also expand federal agency’s reach into unconnected and underserved communities, where high-speed broadband and mobile 4G network access will drive new opportunities for more growth, development, better healthcare and education.

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