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KBR Vaault gains priority status for FedRAMP JAB authorisation in government cloud services

September 18, 2023

Posted by: Shriya Raban

Byron Bright of KBR Government Solutions

KBR announced that its commercial cloud and mission service platform, KBR Vaault, has been prioritised for Federal Risk and Authorisation Management Programme (FedRAMP) Joint Authorisation Board (JAB) authorisation process. KBR’s integrated technology solution is one of six products currently prioritised for JAB authorisation as a part of FedRAMP, a joint US government effort to provide cost-effective and risk-based cloud services.

KBR built the platform from the ground up to support US federal government agencies and announced its listing on the FedRAMP marketplace last year. KBR Vaault supports a variety of domain-specific solutions, including public safety, health and human performance, mission operations, asset management and the internet of things (IoT). The secure, cloud-based platform provides customers with an integrated system that allows for deployment and custom configuration while remaining compliant with federal cybersecurity guidelines at high level.

“Cloud security is key to a growing number of customer missions, and going through JAB’s rigorous authorisation process supports our readiness to meet our customers’ needs,” says Byron Bright, president of KBR Government Solutions US. “We value this prioritisation by FedRAMP because it will help us deliver this critical capability to even more customers.”

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