Midco, Plume to introduce business Wi-Fi pro, modernise Wi-Fi experience for small businesses

August 24, 2023

Posted by: Shriya Raban

Tom McAdaragh of Midco

Midco announced that its anticipated ‘Midco Business Wi-Fi Pro powered by Plume WorkPass’ service is now available in all of its markets throughout the midwest. This new solution is tailored to meet connectivity, productivity, and security needs of all small businesses. In addition to front-end services, including adaptive Wi-Fi, Midco Business Wi-Fi Pro brings operational insights and intelligence to help small business owners thrive.

With the introduction of Midco Business Wi-Fi Pro, business owners, employees, and customers can gain access to an array of features, powered by the cloud and AI (artificial intelligence), to elevate their Wi-Fi and connectivity experiences:

The new service includes Plume-designed SuperPods with Wi-Fi 6 that are placed according to the size of business premises and ensure superior wireless coverage. These compact SuperPods deliver a more optimal, secure, and Wi-Fi connection, minimising dead zones, and increasing wireless capacity to help optimise business productivity.

In addition, small business owners will receive the Midco Business Wi-Fi Pro Mobile app, which empowers them to manage their network and operations through a single control pane. The app includes three built-in Wi-Fi networks: Secure, employee, and guest which allows the network to be segmented to provide security for sensitive information while providing convenient connectivity for employees and guests.

Niall Robinson

Midco president Tom McAdaragh says, “One standout feature of Midco Business Wi-Fi Pro is the ability for customers to create a branded Guest Login Portal using the app. This personalised portal enhances the guest experience while strengthening the customer’s brand, leaving a lasting impression on business customers.”

Niall Robinson, head of sales for the Americas at Plume says, “Until now, small businesses have relied on costly enterprise technology or self-built solutions that can be difficult to administer and soak precious management time. We’re delighted to partner with Midco to bring a purpose-built solution that allows small business owners to focus on the operational needs of their businesses, enhance productivity, and better serve employees and customers.”

Business owners can access the same features and information from a desktop portal to facilitate easy management, offering a convenient alternative to the mobile app. This flexibility ensures that business owners can monitor and control their Wi-Fi networks at any time.

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