Wi-Fi Alliance launches Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 certification programme

August 8, 2023

Posted by: Shriya Raban

Wi-Fi Alliance is augmenting Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 testing protocols to support the regulatory authorisation process of 6 GHz standard power devices pursuant to recently published Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) guidance. Release of this new testing allows product vendors and service providers to verify that the 6 GHz standard power devices meet the technical requirements in Part 15, Subpart E of the FCC rules pertaining to operations under control of the Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) system.

Wi-Fi Alliance members undergoing Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 testing can leverage nine Wi-Fi Alliance accredited Authorised Test Laboratories (ATL) that are also FCC-recognised accredited test labs to complete regulatory testing of their 6 GHz standard power devices.

Certification for Wi-Fi 6E devices, as part of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6, helps ensure products meet high standards for interoperability, security, and a range of application protocols. Wi-Fi interoperability in 6 GHz promotes worldwide improvement and a diverse 6 GHz ecosystem. With the new standard power device testing capability, members can maximise efficiency and expediency in obtaining regulatory equipment authorisation, while ensuring their devices meet high Wi-Fi CERTIFIED standards.

Wi-Fi Alliance is the development of specifications, test plans, and training modules to enable implementation of 6 GHz standard power devices under control of the AFC system, and this new capability further underscores our work goal to drive the broadest possible adoption of 6 GHz. The AFC system approach maximises spectrum availability for license-exempt devices, such as Wi-Fi, by determining channel availability at locations to avoid and protect licensed operations in the 6 GHz frequency band.

Additional information is available through our website: Wi-Fi Alliance 6 GHz AFC Resources.

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