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Edge Impulse, Particle add machine learning to IoT applications

June 30, 2023

Posted by: Janmesh Chintankar

California-based Edge Impulse’s support for Particle’s Photon 2 platform puts machine learning into IoT applications. Edge Impulse helps create and deploy AI at the edge, and Particle is an integrated IoT platform-as-a-service provider. Their partnership sees native support for Particle’s Photon 2 board on the Edge Impulse Studio platform.

This collaboration brings the edge AI to the Particle ecosystem, facilitating deployment of trained AI models to the Photon 2 board.

Since its launch in 2019, Edge Impulse has become a go-to provider for enterprises, developers and ML experts that need to build AI and machine learning for edge devices. Using its studio platform, users can collect sensor data, refine features, build models and deploy directly to devices, bringing capabilities to industries ranging from healthcare to manufacturing to transportation.

The Particle partnership is the initial official IoT integration for Edge Impulse.

Particle has over the past decade built itself into an used platform for sending data to the cloud and connecting hardware of all types. Used by Fortune 500 companies as well as by nascent start-ups, the partnership means the company will now be able to offer its customers a method for adding machine learning to their IoT endeavours when using the new Photon 2 board.

The Photon 2 provides dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE 5 connectivity, 2Mbyte of flash memory, and 3Mbyte RAM (Random-access memory), and is powered by a 200MHz Realtek MCU (micro controller unit).

“We’re excited about this collaboration as it allows us to offer an integrated, developer-friendly platform that further enhances edge computing capabilities,” says Raul Vergara, Edge Impulse’s executive vice president of growth. “By supporting the Particle Photon 2 board natively in our platform, we’re giving developers the power to deploy sophisticated ML models directly to IoT devices, marking a significant milestone in edge technology.”

“Edge Impulse’s pioneering work in AI and machine learning is at the very forefront of the industry, and the integration of their technology with our new Particle Photon 2 board will greatly accelerate the development of intelligent IoT applications. The union of AI and IoT is compelling and can bring about transformative changes in various industries,” says Zach Supalla, CEO of Particle. “This collaboration reflects our shared commitment to creating accessible, robust tools for developers to innovate, revolutionise, and unlock the potential of IoT ecosystems. We’re not just looking at the next year or product cycle – we’re looking at shaping the next decade of IoT development.”

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