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CLPS develops smart cockpit product to drive intelligent transformation in automotive sector

June 6, 2023

Posted by: Janmesh Chintankar

CLPS Incorporation, has announced that its majority-owned subsidiary, JAJI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., has commenced the development of a new smart cockpit product designed to enhance the driving safety of intelligent vehicles. The product and its associated solution are expected to be officially launched by the end of 2023.

Recently, the pace of intelligent advancement within the automobile industry has accelerated. As a crucial element in gauging the core competitiveness of intelligent vehicles, the smart cockpit has emerged as a key focus in the future direction of automobile development. According to a report by IHS Markit, a global market research agency, it is projected that China’s smart cockpit market penetration rate will exceed 75% by 2025, with the global market size reaching [$68.1 billion (€63.56 billion)] by 2030. In terms of consumer demand, users prioritise travel safety performance, which includes real-time health monitoring and abnormal alarm applications.

Drawing on its service experience and intelligent vehicle industry assessments, JAJI will introduce a smart cockpit product tailored to the safety requirements of intelligent vehicle manufacturers. The product’s primary objective is to enable intelligent transformation through the monitoring of driver health. An optimally designed steering wheel will serve as the main input method, facilitating the acquisition of multi-sensor data on the driver’s vital sign parametres such as blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, and body temperature, among others.

This data will be processed through data conduction, analysis, multi-screen output, vehicle seat integration, and other features to create a set of intelligent vehicle cockpit solutions. By continuously detecting and providing feedback on the driver’s physical condition, the product will deliver real-time health warnings and enhance driving safety.

To develop this new product, JAJI has collaborated with the scientific research team at Tongji University. Leveraging their respective strengths in software algorithms and hardware manufacturing, both parties aim to drive the application of intelligent technologies within the automotive industry.

Oscar Yuan, general manager of JAJI, says “The smart cockpit serves as a critical human-machine interface in the realm of automotive intelligence. Through this product, we look forward to creating a novel driving experience for users and expanding the possibilities of intelligent vehicles in the future. CLPS intends to file a patent application for this product through JAJI and plans to collaborate with domestic auto manufacturers to achieve industrialisation.”

Raymond Lin, CEO of CLPS, comments “The development of this new smart cockpit product demonstrates that JAJI has not only accumulated substantial market experience and client resources in the intelligent vehicle industry but also possesses significant research and development capabilities. This health monitoring-based smart cockpit solution holds tremendous application potential. We aspire to utilise this breakthrough to further enhance our technical services, research, and development capabilities, thus contributing to the intelligent development of our clients in the automotive industry.”

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