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Sky Fiber selects Tarana ngFWA to deliver high-speed internet

June 5, 2023

Posted by: Shriya Raban

Sky Fiber Internet and Tarana Wireless announced launch of upgraded networks to bring high-speed internet to 25 towns in northern Nevada, passing 30,000 rural homes and hundreds of businesses with reliable broadband service.

Sky Fiber Internet, a Reno-based internet service provider (ISP), has significantly expanded its service coverage in Lake Tahoe and northern Nevada over the past two decades. Their team is committed to providing the best possible broadband, enabling their customers “to do more of what they love online with ease.” To accomplish this goal, Sky Fibre is always looking for new ways to provide service, which led them to Tarana’s G1 product line. G1 is the first instance of “next-generation fixed wireless access” (ngFWA) technology, an approach to delivering broadband at mass-scale. Since its introduction to the market in late 2021, G1 has been embraced by more than 240 ISPs in 19 countries.

The Sky Fibre team was intrigued by Tarana after discovering that the G1 platform excels at providing dependable high-speed service in noisy radio frequency environments and challenging long-range settings. Their previous wireless equipment had a restricted range and was susceptible to significant performance degradation, known as “rain fade,” particularly during inclement weather. These limitations resulted in service disruptions in snowy regions of Nevada like Lake Tahoe and neighboring towns.

Previously limited to a maximum speed of 50 Mbps on point to multi point deployments, Sky Fiber has improved its service offerings with plans now ranging from 50 to 500 Mbps. By leveraging the capabilities of the G1 platform, the company can provide enhanced service throughout all four seasons. This advancement not only allows Sky Fiber to retain its existing customers but also positions them to compete against established providers in the market. “Finding a high-bandwidth solution was critical to our ability to stay competitive,” says Garry Gomes, founder and CEO of Sky Fiber. “Thanks to Tarana, we now have the solution we need to offer superior customer service and match or beat any other option on the market.”

One of the standout features of Sky Fiber’s upgraded G1 network is its ability to establish connections over Lake Tahoe. Utilising Tarana base node (BN) radios positioned on Genoa Peak, customers located up to 15 miles across the lake can now access impressive speeds of up to 500 Mbps. The wireless performance achieved through this technology is truly unprecedented and represents a significant advancement in the industry.

In March, Sky Fiber invited Tarana team members to witness the outstanding link results for themselves. Sky Fiber then released a short film summarising their memorable trip up to Genoa Peak and explaining the value of Tarana in their network. In the video, George Hellmuth, head of North American sales at Tarana, commended Sky Fiber “It’s an honor to work with a partner like Sky Fiber… after all the work to get ngFWA/Tarana gear up here, they can immediately offer fiber speeds to hundreds and hundreds of households. It’s a real gamechanger.”

Gomes also shares, “We are thrilled to be able to offer this technology. Tarana enabled us to upgrade our current customers with faster speeds and more reliable service, significantly improving their ability to game, stream, and work from home. Our customers are not just numbers to us, they are our neighbors and part of our community.”

Basil Alwan, CEO of Tarana, adds, “Delivering great broadband to Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas is challenging. Trenching is difficult and previous wireless options are hampered by interference, weather, and scant tower locations. Together with Sky Fiber, our G1 technology is working around all of these obstacles. Now local Nevadans and visitors alike can get high speed, reliable Internet even on the Tahoe shore. We look forward to the Sky Fiber team’s continued success.”

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