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prpl Foundation, Beegol partner to enable real-time, accurate diagnoses for Wi-Fi users

February 28, 2023

Posted by: Shriya Raban

Leonard Dauphinee of prpl Foundation

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) across Latin America will be able to obtain a quick and reliable diagnosis of their subscriber’s internet service issues due to partnership between the prpl Foundation and Beegol for Wi-Fi mesh.

Millions of people across the world require a highly reliable broadband service for their homes, especially with the rise of remote working environments. Any connection problems such as performance degradation or outages will quickly erode customer satisfaction with their ISPs. In many cases it is difficult to locate the root source of an issue quickly and accurately, leading to unproductive calls to customer support centres, unnecessary repair visits, and increased costs for the operator.

To this end, Beegol has developed an advanced Machine Learning platform, integrated with prplMesh Wi-Fi software, to carry out accurate diagnostic tests on an end user’s network. The Beegol solution allows ISPs to pull data directly from prplMesh-equipped customer premises equipment (CPE) to the cloud to locate and identify outages and service degradation. This is then used by ISPs to enable a remote, real-time response from end to end, to correct any issues detected through the observations. The result is a reduction in truck rolls and operating expenses for the operator, and an improved Quality of Experience (QoE) for the end user.

“We are delighted that Beegol has partnered with the prpl Foundation to support their ongoing activity across Latin America”, says prpl Foundation president Leonard Dauphinee. “As a result of their innovative platform, the quality of experience for broadband and Wi-Fi users has been vastly improved, with no need for lengthy, unproductive calls to a customer support team in order to troubleshoot their issues”.

The prplMesh solution will be used to support Beegol Wi-Fi, which automatically optimises configurations and enables customers to utilise Wi-Fi mesh. Designed by the prpl Foundation, prplMesh enables ISPs to deploy fully open-source, carrier grade Wi-Fi mesh networks, including standardised application programming interfaces (APIs). It enables quick deployment of new services and features with better interoperability than previously available.

“The prpl Foundation is an industry leader when it comes to Wi-Fi mesh technology”, says Beegol founder and CEO Gilberto Mayor. “prplMesh is a proven, hardware-agnostic solution that has already been successfully deployed in the field. Offering prpl Mesh alongside our diagnostic software will provide operators with a customisable and cost-effective solution that enables the accurate testing of networks”.

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