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MediaTek, Skylo collaborate on 3GPP NTN satellite solutions on smartphones, wearables

February 21, 2023

Posted by: Shriya Raban

Skylo, a Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) service operator connecting anything, anywhere, has announced its on-going partnership with MediaTek, a global chipset manufacturer. With MediaTek’s 3GPP NTN-standard modem and Skylo’s NTN service, smartphone and IoT manufacturers are able to develop new devices, sensors, and wearables with in-built satellite connectivity. This allows OEMs to offer connectivity experiences that weren’t possible before, such as being able to text without any gaps or loss in coverage resulting in deeper customer relationships.

MediaTek’s chipsets power over two billion new consumer and enterprise products each year, and lead the industry with integration, connection, and power-efficiency. For those device manufacturers who need available chipset solution with 3GPP NTN-capabilities, MediaTek currently has that capability, making it possible to integrate cellular and satellite connectivity into the same device. Further, Skylo’s NTN service is also commercially available today and has done extensive stress testing with MediaTek’s 3GPPNTN chipset to ensure always-on availability when the user has access to the open sky.

“The use cases for satellite connectivity based on 3GPP NTN standard are profound, and we have just scratched the tip of the iceberg as satellite and cellular converge for the first time. Our technology provides users with a tested, viable, and consistent opportunity to contact loved ones and emergency services from remote areas,” says Cliff Lin, assistant general manager of MediaTek. “We will continue to work with Skylo to ensure that the chipsets we manufacture are compliant with industry standards and work on its commercial-ready and capable satellite network.”

“MediaTek’s 3GPP standards-based chipset with NTN is a major milestone in bringing ubiquitous connectivity to smartphones and subscribers across the globe,” says Andrew Nuttall, chief technology officer for Skylo. “We’re honored to support MediaTek and deliver a service to their OEM customers.”

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