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Telink Semiconductor helps HooRii Technology to secure Matter certification for its smart plug product

February 17, 2023

Posted by: Shriya Raban

Telink Semiconductor Co., a provider of high-performance, low-power system-level connectivity chips, has announced that it has helped HooRii Technology acquire Matter certification for its smart plug product. This will enable HooRii to deliver consumers a smart home product designed for interoperability.

“Telink is leading the way in achieving Matter certification for developers,” says Wenjun Shen, CEO of Telink Semiconductor. “Thanks to intense R&D investment during the past few years, we’re well positioned to help valued partners like HooRii develop and test devices, and more easily achieve Matter certification.”

HooRii Technology is a smart home solutions provider dedicated to delivering Thread solutions to premium brands, currently providing end-side, edge-side, software, and hardware solutions to a wide range of companies worldwide. HooRii Technology is also a key contributor and member of the Thread and Matter protocols.

Telink worked with HooRii to help them deploy the Matter over Thread solution based on TLSR9218 SoC in their product and have it pass lab tests and acquire final certification. As a solutions provider, HooRii built a module based on the TLSR9218 SoC and developed the smart plug device using the module and the Telink Matter SDK. HooRii is building more Matter products based on Telink’s TLSR9 SoC platform in the future.

Telink’s TLSR9 series SoC helps customers more quickly develop IoT smart devices that work with both Matter standards and the Thread protocol. The TLSR9 series is a high-performance, ultra-low power RF connectivity SoC, which integrates a 32-bit RISC-V MCU with rich core features and peripheral interfaces to serve as a foundation for advanced IoT devices. The TLSR9 SoC was recently certified for Thread 1.3.0. , laying the groundwork for Matter device development for Telink’s clients, including HooRii Tech.

Matter is a standard and certification offered through the CSA, a global alliance of over 500 technology companies. Matter 1.0 was released in October 2022. Designed to make the IoT and smart home experience more interoperable, reliable, and secure, Matter is an IP-based connectivity protocol built on technologies such as Thread, Bluetooth LE, and Wi-Fi.

With Matter embedded in products, consumers experience more seamless interoperability across different smart home platforms and a wide range of device types, including lighting and electrical, blinds and shades, HVAC controls, safety and security, and more.

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