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Lancelot Labs emerges from stealth, unveils institutional SAFT tracker built For Defi

February 1, 2023

Posted by: Janmesh Chintankar

San Francisco, United States – Lancelot Labs, an investment infrastructure startup, emerges from stealth, announcing the institutional SAFT tracker to help crypto funds automatically track, claim and put to work through compatible dApps and DeFi, all their vested tokens in a single unified experience. The platform was quietly built in close collaboration with some of the most active crypto funds to solve the complexity of vested token tracking and claiming.

Early-stage tokens are highly attractive, promising near-term liquidity and high growth, driving crypto funds to actively invest in private market sales of yet-to-be-released cryptocurrencies. But early-stage tokens are often illiquid at first, with ever-changing dApp and DeFi utility that are often all over the place. Keeping track of the vestings and options linked to a large and diverse set of tokens is an operational challenge, resulting in billions lost in unrealised returns.

Industry veteran Stephanie Tramicheck founded Lancelot Labs to address this challenge and help crypto funds maximise the impact of their early-stage token portfolio. With the institutionalisation of private market investment in cryptocurrencies, crypto funds currently rely on spreadsheets and deeply technical, manual investigations into the blockchain data to make sense of the chaos – making compliance, tax filing, and LP reporting a nightmare for funds’ operations.

“Vested tokens are supposed to be liquid as they vest, but in reality, they are not,” says Tramicheck. “Undistributed, wrong amount received… finding that millions of tokens are missing when we onboard a new fund on Lancelot is far too common.”

While vesting smart contracts promise distribution automation, they add a lot of friction to the distribution process, with fund managers needing to connect every month to each portfolio company’s vesting portal to claim their allocation. Billions of unclaimed tokens are currently sitting in portfolio companies’ wallets instead of being in the fund’s wallets under the control of fund managers.

Lancelot Labs is the unified solution for crypto funds to have an accurate view of all their vesting distributions, always have their vested token in their possession, with direct access to dApps and DeFi utility to put tokens to work as soon as they vest.

“Early-stage tokens are 0 to 1 projects still building, with an ever-changing range of opportunities for holders to increase yield,” says Tramicheck.

Holding a token, especially in the early stages, is about showing faith in the project and engaging openly with the different opportunities offered to holders. By making it simpler to track and access, Lancelot helps funds maximise their impact, support their portfolio companies, and be an active participant in the token’s journey.

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