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Breezeline puts focus on internet reliability, speed with new multi-media campaign

February 1, 2023

Posted by: Janmesh Chintankar

Quincy, United States – Breezeline, a cable operator, has launched a new campaign showcasing how daily life is transformed through reliable, ultrafast internet from Breezeline.

The “Welcome to Breezeline” campaign features colorful, imaginative multi-media vignettes demonstrating how reliability and speed unlock endless possibilities in customers’ everyday lives.

Breezeline, which provides internet, TV and voice services in 13 states, has put the focus on internet reliability and speed via a two-year [$400 million (€367.50 million)] investment in its fibre-broadband network and infrastructure. The program, which started last year, has already doubled network capacity and boosted downstream and upstream speeds.

The company has also established additional redundant paths for internet traffic, deployed high-capacity fibre optics at critical network points, and configured the network to enhance network security and resilience.

“Thanks to better internet from Breezeline, anything is possible for our residential and business customers,” says Heather McCallion, vice president of products and programming for Breezeline. “With great reliability and lightning-fast speeds delivered over a fibre-powered network, it’s as easy as ever for our customers to work, play and connect without missing a beat.”

In addition to the network investments, and a range of convenient self-care initiatives, Breezeline has worked to make it easy for customers to get the most out of their Breezeline service:

To view the “Welcome to Breezeline” TV spots, click here.

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