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Softhread, Clinical Consultants International partner to offer a zero trust cybersecurity solution

October 31, 2022

Posted by: Janmesh Chintankar

Baltimore, United States – Softhread Inc., to announce an agreement with Clinical Consultants International (CCI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Novo Integrated Sciences Inc., to offer a zero trust cybersecurity solution for smart and interconnected healthcare services consolidating its entrance into the Health Care 4.0 ecosystem for health care delivery.

Joseph M. Chalil, MD, MBA, FACHE, chief medical officer of Novo, says, “We are pleased to partner with Softhread as it rapidly evolves into the Health Care 4.0 ecosystem. Softhread’s proven cybersecurity, AI and blockchain engineering powers zero-trust solutions, enhancing any existing cyber-defense systems. Together, we are also exploring the integration of Softhread’s technology into Novo Connect, Novo’s proprietary mobile application, to further enhance a secure and reliable consumer experience.”

Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes, CEO of Softhread, says, “We are extremely pleased about this collaboration and the opportunity to offer our Chios platform to provide the necessary privacy, security, transparency, data integrity and data provenance in the expanding healthcare 4.0 ecosystem. Through our decentralised system that empowers state-of-the-art interoperability, we are looking forward to building scalable zero trust enterprise engineering solutions that are highly customisable, cloud-enabled, and cloud-independent for stakeholders in the CII and Novo Integrated Services IoT networks.”

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