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SAP digital vehicle hub integrates with Otonomo data platform

October 31, 2022

Posted by: Janmesh Chintankar

Herzliya, Israel and San Francisco, United States – Otonomo Technologies Ltd., the platform for the mobility economy, announced the integration of its Otonomo Smart Mobility Data platform with SAP digital vehicle hub. The integration will help enable businesses to derive new insights for fleet management and maintenance based on connected vehicle data, drive future mobility business models, and generate new value and revenue streams.

SAP digital vehicle hub is a central cloud-based repository for vehicle-related master, transactional and usage data based on SAP business network for asset management enhanced for the automotive industry. It helps enable the creation of digital twins of vehicles, or vehicle components, and provides a 360-degree view of the vehicle lifecycle data. The solution also helps companies share vehicle data between relevant stakeholders and enables collaborative business models and value streams along the automotive and mobility value chain.

The Otonomo Smart Mobility Data platform helps deliver clean, normalised, embedded vehicle data collected from multiple OEMs. The integration with SAP digital vehicle hub further enables the utilisation of connected vehicle data. By integrating embedded vehicle data within the SAP ecosystem, it will combine vehicle data with ERP systems, offering new insights to create additional value and revenue streams.

In the auto-tech industry, companies rely on data-driven mobility models. For these models to succeed, this data must be high quality, high integrity, comprehensive, harmonised and well maintained. It also must be compliant with data privacy regulations. Otonomo’s Smart Mobility Data platform’s integration with SAP digital vehicle hub helps businesses achieve effective synergy between Otonomo and SAP data and offers them a more comprehensive and leverageable data panorama.

“Our partnership with SAP helps Otonomo to expand into more enterprise accounts while creating new possibilities for how fleet customers can ingest data into SAP Digital Vehicle Hub to streamline vehicle management and fleet operations,” says Ben Volkow, CEO and co-founder of Otonomo. “The synergies between our two platforms will translate into opportunities for better business outcomes for customers, allowing them to more easily turn mobility insights into business value.”

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