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Greenland Technologies selects Cyngn’s Infinitracker for its HEVI electric industrial vehicles

October 29, 2022

Posted by: Janmesh Chintankar

East Windsor, United States Greenland Technologies Holding Corporation announced it has selected Cyngn Inc., a developer of autonomous driving solutions for industrial and commercial applications, as the exclusive supplier of Infinitracker asset tracking systems for Greenland’s HEVI electric industrial vehicles HEVI.

When customers purchase HEVI forklifts, excavators, or loaders, they will now have the ability to track the location of those vehicles: HEVI will include an Infinitracker installed on each purchased vehicle, as a value-added item for HEVI customers.

When customers receive their new vehicles, they can register the Infinitracker asset tracking device and begin monitoring their vehicle through a simple web portal. Each Infinitracker unit contains sensors for location and temperature, and Infinitracker also serves as an IoT Gateway, which allows data from other Bluetooth sensors to be collected. Infinitracker’s battery lasts for years without charging, which enables vehicles to be tracked and data to be collected from nearby sensors even when vehicles are powered off.

Raymond Wang, CEO of Greenland, comments, “Vehicle tracking is an important feature for our customers, who want to leverage location tracking to maximise efficiency of their industrial equipment fleets. Infinitracker’s long battery life and features such as LTE Triangulation were key considerations in our choice to ship them with all new purchases of our all-electric heavy equipment.”

Lior Tal, Cyngn’s CEO, says, “We are pleased to be aligned with HEVI’s vision of sustainable, electric industrial vehicles. Infinitracker expands on Cyngn’s autonomous vehicle offering that is central to our Enterprise Autonomy Suite, which provides customers with valuable data insights that reinforce the connections between our AV and data analytics products with IoT and Industry 4.0.”

Find more information about Cyngn’s Infinitracker here and Greenland’s HEVI electric industrial vehicles here.

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