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Capgemini, Cervest bring asset-level climate intelligence into transition, adaptation and sustainability strategies

October 25, 2022

Posted by: Shriya Raban

19 October 2022 – Capgemini, has announced a new collaboration with Cervest that will enable them to identify future climate change related impacts at varying degree rises in a geographically specific context and to use that knowledge to create future proofed climate transition and adaptation strategies for its clients.

Through this collaboration, Capgemini aims to provide clients with enterprise-ready joint offerings that combine Cervest’ s asset-level climate intelligence with its managed services. to explore how it can transform client risk and resilience capabilities, today and in the future.

Using this new form of business intelligence, Capgemini can access science-backed, AI-driven insights to screen assets for climate-related risk in a way that we have not been able to before. Assets are existing physical entities, these include real estate (residential and commercial), infrastructure (data centres, airports, biomass facilities, water companies, dams, distribution centres, warehouses); critical infrastructure (hospitals, medical clinics, etc.) and manufacturing plants, factories.

With the help of Cervest, these insights will enhance Capgemini’s ability to scale sustainable transformation for its clients, creating risk reports and incorporating them into planning and strategy recommendations, powering sustainable actions.

Capgemini will use the ability to zoom in and out across multiple scales, time frames, hazards and geographies to build detailed sustainability frameworks.

Capgemini will be able to: 

Powering sustainable action through climate intelligence

Cervest climate intelligence unlocks the ability to map a comprehensive picture of climate-related risk to assets, creating full visibility of multiple climate hazards. Insights are provided on hazards, such as flooding, drought and extreme temperatures, across multiple climate scenarios, looking back to 1970 and ahead to 2100.

Failing to incorporate these granular, organisation-specific insights into business strategy, asset plans, and operations leaves companies progressively vulnerable to climate hazards, including flooding, drought and extreme temperatures with wildfire expected to be added later this year.

Iggy Bassi, founder and CEO of Cervest has recently says, “Climate intelligence is the new superpower to help organisations navigate the complexities of climate risk.” Using this intelligence combined with Capgemini’s market-leading consultancy and sustainability expertise across environmental management, social impact practitioner level know-how for embedding sustainability into operations we can develop climate adaptation and mitigation strategies on a variety of use cases and across multiple industries.

Collective action for sustainable future

Cervest enables organisations to unlock the ability to map climate risk at the asset level and provide access to science-backed, personalised insights into how climate change is already affecting assets, and how this will change in the future. These insights will enhance Capgemini’s ability to scale sustainable transformation for its clients, creating risk reports and incorporating them into planning and strategy recommendations and powering sustainable actions.

Capgemini will provide its clients with enterprise-ready joint offerings that combine Cervest’s asset-level climate intelligence with their managed services transforming every client’s risk and resilience capabilities today and in the futureWith access to this new science-backed climate intelligence from Cervest, Capgemini will help their clients to develop more comprehensive plans and take action on their physical climate-related risk.

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