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HSB debuts Meshify Protect IoT sensor app for homes, commercial facilities

September 27, 2022

Posted by: Shriya Raban

HSB’s Internet of Things (IoT) customers can remotely monitor their property and equipment from anywhere, 24/7, with a new, more powerful Meshify Protect mobile app for homes and commercial facilities, the company announced today.

Meshify Protect is HSB’s mobile app that simplifies sensor activation, tracks the status of locations, and provides actionable alerts about water leaks, frozen pipes, temperature extremes, equipment failure, and other potentially damaging conditions.

Developed by Meshify, HSB’s IoT technology subsidiary, the new app will be available this Fall on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

“Adding a sensor to your property is not enough,” says John Riggs, chief technology officer for HSB, part of Munich Re, and senior vice president of HSB Applied Technology Solutions. “You need to put the sensor in the right location and act immediately when an alert occurs. Practical execution, combined with a compelling user experience, saves property and provides peace-of-mind. The new Meshify Protect app makes it simpler than ever to connect and protect homes and businesses, even when you’re not there.”

An app transition for HSB IoT customers

Meshify Protect is a complete rebuild of HSB’s mobile app experience and provides a seamless transition of existing customer account information and sensor management details.

The new app features easy-to-follow installation instructions, low-signal support, advanced graphs and snapshot views, and a simple account management experience, including biometric login and adjustable notification preferences.

Click here to preview the new Meshify Protect.

Specifically designed to support any type of home or commercial environment, Meshify Protect can easily monitor every sensor at a location, and across different buildings.

The app incorporates HSB’s eight years of experience with IoT services, including more than 40 billion sensor readings and millions of dollars in loss prevention.

HSB Applied Technology Solutions provides IoT services for insurers, homeowners, and diverse businesses to help predict and prevent losses, optimise industry operations, and enable new business models, all supported by financial coverages.

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