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First Onsite partners with Alert Labs to help clients proactively minimise water damage

September 27, 2022

Posted by: Janmesh Chintankar

Mississauga, United States – First Onsite Property Restoration (First Onsite), Canada’s disaster recovery and restoration providers, announced that it has entered into a partnership with Alert Labs, a provider of solutions for real-time water usage monitoring, flood detection, and analytics. The partnership will help First Onsite’s commercial clients proactively minimise water damage, reducing emergency repairs and disruptions to building services while improving water conservation efforts.

“Property damage caused by water related events accounts for nearly 70% of First Onsite’s emergency responses. With this partnership, we can offer property managers, building owners, insurance companies, and other clients solutions to reduce risk and improve water efficiency,” says Dave Demos, CEO, Canada and global client solutions for First Onsite Property Restoration.

“Alert Labs’ partnership with First Onsite means that more customers will reduce the significant losses and subsequent insurance claims that result from water damage. Our water intelligence platform will enable First Onsite to provide these important services to their customers along with valuable water consumption insights. Together, we look forward to helping customers not only protect their buildings but also reduce costs and use water more sustainably,” says Bob Wasserman, CEO at Alert Labs.

Oftentimes, water damage to facilities is associated with severe weather events such as overland flooding, heavy rainfall and winter storms. Although serious, the effects of these events can often be mitigated with proper preparation as there is typically some forewarning prior to impact. Water events associated with plumbing infrastructure failures are more covert, not easily detectable and can equally affect building infrastructure.

Even minor leaks not caught over long periods of time can create environments where mould growth flourishes. Microbial growth can start developing on wet surfaces within 48 hours and can make its way into hard-to-reach areas within a building’s structure. When left unattended, water damage leads to harmful mould growth, structural degradation, health risks, business interruption and higher costs related to remediation.

After responding to property disasters of all kinds across Canada, First Onsite understands the value customers can realise from implementing proactive measures and through effective disaster preparedness. First Onsite is extending its offerings to better service clients and address real needs by providing solutions that reduce risk, manage costs, and provide data insights to better manage property assets.

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