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NanoLock and Renesas partner to safeguard smart metres

September 22, 2022

Posted by: Janmesh Chintankar

Hod Hasharon, Israel –NanoLock Security, a device-level cybersecurity provider for smart metres and IIoT devices, and Renesas Electronics Corp., a prominent global semiconductor manufacturer, announce a partnership to introduce a new platform that will further secure Renesas’ customers’ smart metres from cyber-attacks. The joint solution from the Israeli cybersecurity company and the Japanese microcontroller unit (MCU) maker will be available to all Renesas customers, including many of the world’s leading smart metre manufacturers.

Cyberattacks on energy infrastructure providers and utilities are escalating, with smart metres being a major target for these hacks. A breached smart metre carries the potential for hackers to seize customers’ personal data, compromise company revenues, and even impact local area power supply. These attacks can come from outsiders, supply-chain sources, or insiders. Human error is also a major cause of security compromise in IIoT applications. Each of these vectors is made more viable by the continued expansion of smart metre networks to reach ambitious rollout goals.

NanoLock and Renesas have partnered to wholly address these risks with a Zero Trust solution that prevents any and all unauthorised outcomes, regardless of source. This joint solution safeguards consumer privacy, provider revenues, and continuity of energy supply, and complies with recent IIoT security recommendations issued by many national governments. The joint solution will also allow for Renesas to offer cybersecurity monitoring and management capabilities to its customers.

“Smart metres are rolling out to consumers as fast as manufacturers can produce them, and hackers see these devices as high-leverage targets for financial gain,” says David Stroud, head of Europe and APAC, NanoLock Security. “With our partnership, Renesas will now have products with the highest level of protection on the market, providing their smart metre customers protection for their physical and digital infrastructure, customer data, and present and future revenues.”

 To find out how manufacturers can take advantage of the new Renesas MCUs to better secure their smart metres, visit Renesas RL78 Partner page. To learn more about NanoLock, visit NanoLockSecurity.

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