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Software AG supports the Schwarz Group with webMethods in the cloud era

July 1, 2022

Posted by: Shriya Raban

Darmstadt, Germany – In a rapidly changing world, companies rely on having the ability to connect systems and applications consistently. With webMethods, Software AG gives businesses an open platform for building modern IT architectures and digital ecosystems. This ensures that the system landscape always keeps pace with ongoing development of the individual business model and paves the way for innovations.

Software AG uses containerisation to enable their customers to use the webMethods integration portfolio with even greater flexibility. Companies can run the required solutions in their own cloud environment as needed. In addition, using microservices developed and provided via the webMethods platform also strengthens the efficiency and resilience of the individual process landscape.

One of the retailers, the Schwarz Group, has also chosen the technology from Darmstadt. The Schwarz Group includes the companies Lidl, Kaufland, PreZero and Schwarz Produktion. Over the last ten years, Software AG has supported the Schwarz Group as a central integration partner in an on-premises world. In the meantime, cloud technology is also playing an increasingly important role for the retailer.

Exploiting full potential through microservices

Software AG delivers a strategic platform that successfully supports the Schwarz Group in the cloud, with containerisation and microservices in a subscription model.

This further modernises the group’s integration landscape. With the help of Software AG, the Schwarz Group enjoys greater flexibility while maintaining particularly resilient and efficient processes for sharing data within its globally active company.

“The example of the Schwarz Group shows very clearly that we support our customers through all of the development phases and we grow together with them and their needs. The Schwarz Group is using webMethods’ containerisation on its journey in the cloud and unleashing its potential,” states Thomas Alberti, managing director of SAG Deutschland GmbH, a fully owned subsidiary of Software AG, and senior vice president of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In that context, Alberti points out the special role that microservices play in the implementation of a highly dynamic IT infrastructure. “Instead of a centrally installed instance where the capacities are exhausted at some point, customers can draw on unlimited resources by using microservices.”

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