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Nebulon adds rapid ransomware recovery to Lenovo ThinkSystem rack servers and 2-node distributed edge deployments

May 13, 2022

Posted by: Janmesh Chintankar

London, United Kingdom. 12th May 2022 – Nebulon Inc., smartInfrastructure, an infrastructure operations SaaS that transforms an on premises server estate into a cloud operating platform, announced 4 minute ransomware recovery on Lenovo ThinkSystem rack server edge deployments.

With this announcement, Nebulon provides enterprises with a Lenovo based 2-server cluster alternative for their edge data centres with near instant recovery capabilities. This solution occupies a 33% smaller physical footprint equating to a one third cost reduction as compared to 3-node minimum hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions, which can take hours or even days to fully recover from ransomware attacks.

The edge data centre market is expected to grow from [$7.2 billion (€6.93 billion)] in 2021 to [$19.1 billion (€18.37 billion)] by 2026. The edge comes with an increased risk of both unwanted physical and network access to edge deployments. Beyond phishing and drive by download scams, physical access is often more difficult to monitor across remote and distributed edge locations. A server can be infected with malware due to a reason as simple as a door or closet being left unlocked or ajar, for example. With ransomware, malware, and wiper attacks on the rise, administrators are redoubling their efforts to secure the edge. Cyber resilience for infrastructure at the edge is a must have. When the worst happens, it is critical for companies to have solutions in place that incorporate remotely controlled, rapid ransomware recovery.

Lenovo ThinkSystem rack servers offer the value, flexibility, and efficiency to meet critical demands at the enterprise edge. With announcement of Nebulon TimeJump for Lenovo rack servers, that value now also includes rapid cyber recovery and a 33% smaller footprint at the edge. Nebulon TimeJump is the Lenovo server and storage solution offering complete ransomware recovery in less than four minutes, and it is available for small 2-server high availability clusters, providing significant savings with a comparable level of availability versus 3-node minimum HCI solutions.

Nebulon TimeJump builds on Nebulon’s smartInfrastructure cloud control plane, Nebulon ON, which uses multi factor authentication (MFA) to prevent unauthorised login a feature enabled for every user that cannot be turned off. Additionally, Nebulon ON enforces integrated role based access control (RBAC), so organisations have a firm handle on who has local or remote access to the operating environment and data. smartInfrastructure further strengthens data security with always on encryption for data at rest and in flight, enabled by a hardware generated encryption key versus a user generated one, which minimises the risk of human error.

“Data at the edge faces higher security risks and cost pressures than core data centre deployments,” says, Nebulon CEO Siamak Nazari. “With Nebulon, enterprises can reduce costs while improving cyber resilience at the edge—and if attacked by ransomware, they can recover in under four minutes.”

Watch the webinar to learn more about TimeJump, Nebulon’s ransomware recovery solution.

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