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Nokia, NS solutions to build, operate and maintain 5G private wireless network at OMRON’s automation centre Kusatsu

March 17, 2022

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

Tokyo, Japan. 17 March 2022 – Nokia announced that it, along with local systems integrator NS Solutions Corporation (NSSOL), has been selected by OMRON Corporation to trial a private wireless network at its Automation Centre Kusatsu in Shiga Prefecture.

The deployment will allow OMRON’s customers to use 5G to link their equipment with OMRON’s control equipment to conduct tests in a simulated production line. This will enable OMRON’s customers to use digital technologies to develop new capabilities and resolve manufacturing issues before they start impacting their productivity and efficiency.

Nokia will provide Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC), an industrial-grade digital automation service platform that ensures a reliable, secure and high-performance private wireless network, which can be easily and quickly scaled as and when required.

As part of the trial, NSSOL will support the installation, construction and operation of the 5G-based system at OMRON’s Automation Centre Kusatsu. The deployment uses a 4.8GHz spectrum frequency band at the world’s first OMRON automation centre. Omron recently announced the reopening of its Automation Centre, Kusatsu.

NSSOL is the first company to provide 5G services in Japan. NSSOL leverages Nokia’s proven expertise and knowledge in building systems for enterprises from different industry verticals. The two companies will also provide digital experience solutions and build networks for telecommunication carriers. NSSOL’s 5G solution uses Nokia’s 5G core and wireless base stations while NSSOL manages the operational and maintenance of the system.

Takashi Oshiro, executive director and senior vice president at NS Solutions, Inc., says, “Industry 4.0 opens up new and exciting opportunities for manufacturers. Partnering with Nokia allows us to bring world-class technology to Japan’s enterprises to enable them to gain new capabilities and a competitive edge. By using our expertise and Nokia’s 5G solutions, OMRON will be able to leverage the latest technologies to provide a superior experience to their customers.”

Donny Janssens, head of customer team enterprise Japan, at Nokia, says, “We are excited to work with NSSOL to enable OMRON to use the latest digital solutions to provide exceptional customer experience to their customers. With Nokia’s 5G solution and NSSOL’s installation and maintenance services, OMRON’s Automation Centre will enable its customers to test new solutions and enhance manufacturing efficiency by resolving manufacturing-related issues before they lead to downtime.”

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