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Infotech partners with Cultivate Geospatial Solutions to develop GIS capabilities that eliminate gaps in digital project delivery data lifecycle

March 16, 2022

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

Will McClave of Infotech

Gainesville, USA. 15 March 2022 – Infotech, a specialist in infrastructure construction software solutions, announced a partnership with Cultivate Geospatial Solutions (CGS) to enhance the incorporation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) across Infotech software to track digital as-built data.

Through this partnership, the companies will focus on integrating GIS capabilities with project data captured in Infotech solutions and delivering geospatial-based products that support the asset lifecycle. In addition, Cultivate will support Infotech’s strategic alliance with Esri, the global specialist in location intelligence.

Infotech software contains critical project data needed for a complete view of the asset lifecycle. With Cultivate, this application data exponentially increases value in an operational environment enhanced with spatial capabilities and much more. The partnership integrates systems that eliminate common gaps between the planning, design, construction and operational functions within an organisation.

Thomas Wesp

“There is a rapidly growing demand for location and geospatial data to be associated with items during inspection and assets at final phases of digital project delivery. By working with Cultivate, Infotech is not only addressing this functionality, but we’re helping our users embrace Esri tools like ArcGIS Dashboards and ArcGIS StoryMaps that can be populated with Infotech application data in real-time,” Will McClave, president of Infotech Systems, says. “The demand for this type of project visibility and analytics has been increased a thousandfold with the passing of the infrastructure bill which requires transparency and accountability of every penny spent on these upcoming projects.”

Cultivate delivers robust, innovative solutions and consulting to civil infrastructure projects with a demand for concise asset data lifecycle analytics and information systems. As experts in GIS, database management, and asset management, the company unites organisational asset planning, design, construction and operational functions through geospatial capabilities to meet organisational goals and metrics.

“We are excited about our partnership with Infotech, the specialist in state and local government construction management. Infotech’s software covers a key part of the asset data lifecycle within Departments of Transportation and local governments, and until now, has not been fully utilised in an all-encompassing environment,” Thomas Wesp, Cultivate chief growth officer, says. “We look forward to assisting these entities with spatially-enabling their Infotech products and building new capabilities around the project lifecycle.”

To learn more about the Infotech and Cultivate partnership, visit here.

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