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Cellnex UK and Everynet to roll out IoT networks in the UK

January 28, 2022

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

London, UK – Cellnex UK and Everynet, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity services, have signed an agreement to promote the roll-out of new networks in the United Kingdom. The IoT networks are based on LoRaWAN technology and will be deployed on Cellnex UK’s extensive telecommunications infrastructure networks and rely on Everynet’s carrier-grade and secure IoT network solution.

The partnership will drive enhanced connectivity in crucial sectors such as utilities, agriculture, transportation and manufacturing, and help build Smart Cities. 

“There has been a lot of talk and promises made about ‘the internet of things (IoT)’ and ‘Smart Cities’ and how these will change our lives. I am delighted that Cellnex UK will be working with Everynet to bring this to reality and to deliver on many of these promises,” says David Crawford, managing director, Cellnex UK.

“Cellnex UK is integral to the successful roll-out of wireless connectivity throughout the UK that key industry sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, transport etc. are increasingly dependent on to digitise their operations. IoT will be a catalyst for this growth, and with Everynet, we will provide the infrastructure which is key to making the path to Smart Cities and digital industry practical and profitable.”

Lawrence Latham

“The partnership of Everynet and Cellnex opens the door to exciting opportunities for cities across the United Kingdom,” says Lawrence Latham, CEO of Everynet BV. “For some time now, cities around the globe have been evaluating the best way to evolve and support essential services, improve infrastructure and become more efficient. We’re excited to play a critical role in these efforts by enabling massive IoT through our national network.”

“One of the key growth drivers for the Internet of Things in the 2020s is the availability of low power, low cost, wide area networks,” comments Matt Hatton, founding partner, Transforma Insights. “LoRaWAN is one of the two or three technologies that will support the billions of LPWAN connected devices and more importantly their associated essential IoT use cases that we expect to see in the coming decade. Initiatives such as this, that see the wider availability of these networks, are to be applauded.”

Matt Hatton

The 10-year partnership will see Cellnex UK and Everynet roll out national coverage across the UK. This coverage will facilitate numerous services, including tracking or monitoring assets throughout their supply chain, Smart Parking solutions to help digitise mobility and optimise the use of public highways and urban space, as well as creating a platform for the trial of new services that will allow the development of innovative future applications.

Cellnex UK will provide an integrated IoT platform for managing and delivering real-time (and remote) diagnostics. Everynet will provide and manage the LoRaWAN network infrastructure deployed for the data collection, providing a secure, fast and low-cost service to support real-time actions and decision-making. LoRaWAN technology is an open, widely adopted, long-range, low-power solution that helps build ultra-low cost IoT projects worldwide. Its characteristics provide reliability, low power and longevity.

Deployment of IoT networks on infrastructure near the point of use will allow people and connected objects to be faster and more reliable and provide significant societal and economic benefits. Smart IoT can help utilities save resources, reduce costs, and improve the impact on the environment. For example, in managing the Smart Grid, electric utilities can leverage IoT to optimise their services to their customers.

Everynet’s neutral-host business model enables mobile network operators (MNOs), mobile virtual network operators (MNVOs), application service providers (ASPs), managed service providers (MSPs) and internet service providers (ISPs) to offer carrier-grade Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) IoT services to their customers.

Connectivity has become a defining feature of the modern economy, reflected in the increasing investment in linking communities, economies and countries and promoting growth and productivity. The mobile industry has critical roles to play, particularly as we emerge from the global pandemic, in ensuring and maintaining connectivity for businesses, citizens and the wider community.

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