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Yellowfin’s advanced data analytics capability drives business transformation during the global pandemic

January 19, 2022

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

London, UK, 18 January 2022 – Yellowfin, a global provider of advanced data analytics software, announces its partnership with one of the Austrian payroll software firms, Lohn & HR. Lohn & HR have embedded Yellowfin’s advanced data analytics suite into its existing software platform to provide critical future-proofing capability and enhance the performance of its Austrian HR customer base with transformational business intelligence (BI).

Lohn & HR aims to provide critical intelligence that will empower HR teams with vital resources and a pathway to supporting rapid growth and scale in their business. Under Covid 19 the company’s customers were challenged to secure better control over employee operations and costs, and HR reporting became mission-critical. HR teams needed to adapt quickly to streamline employee expenditure, trial flexible and part-time working arrangements, ensure the most effective and affordable team solutions areidentified, and to optimise day-to-day business resources and working practices.

Critically, they also needed to be able to deliver detailed assessments of business performance and costs to enable business leaders to meet regulations for government funding and bursaries, which would ensure the survival and continuity of the business and enable them to be in better shape to thrive in an uncertain future.

Through Yellowfin’s innovative embedded data analytics capability, Lohn & HR has significantly enhanced the performance of its software platform; empowering customers with transformational business intelligence that will enable efficient reporting capability across multiple stakeholder teams.Ithas also provided a deeper, more strategiclevel of data analysis tomodernise HR performance data with the ability to evaluate and optimise staffing resources, providedigital time & performance recordings, as well as delivering against strategic HR needs. This will essentially enable them to make enhanced business-critical decisions quickly around payroll, working times, leave (accruals) and expenses/paid overtime.

“We have incorporated Yellowfin into our software platform toenable a new level of data literacy amongst our customers and the same business-critical decision making to enhance commercial performance, which proved critical during the Covid 19 pandemic”, says, Christian Buchsteiner, COO, Lohn & HR.

He continues, “Our customers will benefit immensely from this new level of advanced data intelligence capability, which ultimately can help to advance the role of HR and its strategic importance in future-proofing business.”

Geoff Sheppard, VP sales EMEA, Yellowfin, says, “Covid highlighted the need for agility and the ability to quickly respond to the unforeseen challenges of the future as a critical need for all businesses.Having essential HR data in the pandemic is one use case for a data-first approach which has fast become a way of life for HR professionals and businesses. I am delighted to see Yellowfin’s advanced embedded data analyticsenabling this for our customers. “

He continues, “Our modernised white-labelled data analytics capability is delivering optimal business value for our customers, helping to build their business through critical insights as well as delivering customretention and increased profitability.”

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