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Enersponse partners with Samsung SmartThings to expand its distributed energy programs to residential markets

January 17, 2022

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

James McPhail of Enersponse

Newport Beach, USAEnersponse, a distributed energy resource (DER) management provider, announced its partnership with Samsung SmartThings, the technology enabling connected living and driving the future of IoT. The partnership will provide users with access to a portfolio of utility integrations and grid service programs via SmartThings Energy, a popular service within the SmartThings app.

In addition, SmartThings users will be able to connect their utility account with Enersponse and automate their smart home devices, including thermostats, hot water heaters and EV chargers, and throttle energy usage in response to real-time factors like grid emergencies, extreme weather, system outages and energy pricing fluctuations.

Enersponse is focused on helping customers save money and meet environmental sustainability objectives by optimising their energy usage when it matters most, with the added benefit of helping power suppliers support grid stabilisation and reduce reliance on fossil fuel-powered plants. The partnership with SmartThings Energy extends Enersponse’s availability beyond its current B2B market footprint which has been heavily focused on national retailers, office buildings, grocery stores, water districts and multifamily residential buildings and into the B2C residential market, making Enersponse’s technology accessible to residential dwellings with smart-home enabled devices.

“Our team is focused on driving sustainability for a cleaner tomorrow and partnering with a forward-thinking and like-minded company like SmartThings is a massive step forward, enabling residential energy users to play a much more active role in the journey towards energy decarbonisation,” says, James McPhail, chief executive officer and founder of Enersponse. “Supporting our mission of simplifying grid service program participation and making it accessible to all, SmartThings Energy enables homeowners to make smarter decisions about their energy consumption when it matters most.”

Historically, utilities issue flex alerts and expect end-users to manually power down if they want to save money. Using Enersponse’s intelligent automation platform allows users to program their response and take control of their power bill. Users can pre-set their schedules with preferences for how much they are willing to shift their energy usage. These changes can be aggressive or nearly imperceptible for example, reducing smart thermostat settings by two degrees when grid demand surges or delaying a dishwasher cycle until after peak hours or during increased time-of-use (TOU) rates.

The latest SmartThings Energy app, which was recently showcased at CES, allows users to:

Samantha Fein

“We are proud of Samsung SmartThings’ commitment to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency,” says, Samantha Fein, vice president of business development and marketing, Samsung SmartThings. “Through strategic partnerships with organisations like Enersponse, SmartThings Energy will continue to expand to meet both consumer and utility needs in critical areas like demand response to help drive the future of home energy management.”

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