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MultiTech and Megh Computing collaborate to provide video analytics over private LTE

January 6, 2022

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

Prabhat K Gupta of Megh Computing

Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., a global supplier of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and services, has joined forces with Megh Computing to deliver comprehensive, actionable video analytics over private LTE for safe, healthy workplaces; traffic and occupancy management, and access control.

Connecting video equipment to Megh Computing’s on-premise and cloud hosted video AI analytics over a secure private OnGo CBRS network with a MultiTech MultiConnect eCell CBRS to Ethernet bridge, enables the generation of actionable insights for protection of people and assets to reduce risk and optimise processes in warehousing and distribution centres, manufacturing and processing plants, transit hubs, smart offices, stadiums and shopping malls.

MultiConnect eCell bridge creates wireless agility and improved mobility by quickly and easily connecting new and existing wired assets to a private LTE network, saving the time and money to run expensive cabling providing primary or secondary (wireless failover) network access to surveillance cameras and enterprise class assets that require business critical connectivity and resiliency. With LTE Cat 12 OnGo CBRS (Citizens Broad Band Radio) shared wireless spectrum, there’s no need to sacrifice bandwidth when switching between cellular and Ethernet.

Plus, the easy set up wizard, bundled antenna, power supply and Ethernet cable make installation a snap. Best of all, it’s cost-optimised to give you exactly what you need with minimal complexity in a rugged, aluminum chassis suitable for even extreme environments. DeviceHQ, built into your MultiConnect eCell purchase, includes remote provisioning, Over-The-Air network diagnostics and firmware updates so you can securely deploy, manage and scale your solutions fast.

VAS Suite is the Megh intelligent video analytics solution for security and system integrators who need actionable insights with enterprise-class performance while managing total cost of ownership. With the VAS Suite, building owners and facility management operators can attain situational awareness, manage occupancy and drive operational efficiencies with artificial intelligence, in order to:

Daniel Quant

“Advances in Video AI and Private Wireless Networking now enable small and mid-size Enterprises to deploy 24/7 surveillance and alerting without a large security budget and dedicated team,” says, Daniel Quant, vice president of strategic development at MultiTech. “MultiConnect eCell CBRS to Ethernet bridge and Megh Computing VAS Video AI now provides IT teams an off-the-shelf surveillance application that eliminates the noise of a traditional monitoring system.”

“MultiTech is the private LTE, CBRS device space and an obvious choice to enable enhanced connectivity for our customers,” says, Prabhat K Gupta, CEO of Megh Computing. “They have given us an opportunity to improve service to our customers by connecting additional cameras and ensuring dependable, secure, back-up connectivity to cameras already installed.”

To see what VAS Suite can do for your facilities and to learn more about OnGo CBRS networking for video surveillance, visit MultiTech in booth #10115 at CES in Las Vegas, January 5-8.

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