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AppLovin closes acquisition of Twitter’s MoPub business

January 3, 2022

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

Adam Foroughi of AppLovin

AppLovin Corporation, a marketing software company, announced it has completed the acquisition of Twitter, Inc.’s MoPub business for $1.05 billion (0.93 billion) in cash.

Combined with MoPub’s core features, MAX further accelerates growth and improves efficiencies for app publishers while providing advertisers with expanded reach and market-efficient pricing. The unified platform is expected to process more than $15 billion (13.29 billion) of annualised advertiser spend by 2023.

“Developers benefit from more features to help drive higher monetisation opportunities and streamline workflows, leading to increased revenue for their businesses. We believe the power of this unified platform will be unparalleled in today’s market,” says, Adam Foroughi, AppLovin’s co-founder and CEO. “We are excited to execute on this strategic acquisition with our sights set on operating the largest and most robust in-app advertising platform that enhances the growth of the broader mobile app ecosystem.”

MAX’s already robust features and expansive set of bidders and buyers are being enhanced by MoPub’s set of demand and supply-side features. More than 150 DSPs, representing thousands of brands and agencies, now have direct access to the AppLovin Exchange and are actively competing with mediated demand sources to drive increased revenue for app publishers. Features already added to MAX include Universal Creative Reporting, Ad Review, Native Ad Format Support, Built-In GDPR Consent Flow, and more that are included in the upcoming SDK 11 release on January 6, which can be found in our blog located here:.

Many MoPub publishers have already transitioned to the unified platform and we are working diligently to ensure a seamless and efficient transition for all customers over the 90-day migration period after closing. MoPub is scheduled to sunset on March 31, 2022.

“The integration of MoPub and MAX will be a positive benefit for publishers and players alike,” says, Sen Sun, vice president of Ads at Scopely, an AppLovin partner. “The combined scale will have the potential to attract more of the  advertisers by reducing friction and increasing pricing transparency, and we are pleased to utilise AppLovin’s capabilities to deliver even more seamless free-to-play games experiences for players around the globe.”

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