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Yellowfin launches guided natural language query

December 3, 2021

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

Glen Rabie of Yellowfin

Melbourne, 2 December, 2021 – Yellowfin, an innovative analytics vendor, announces the general availability of Guided NLQ (Natural Language Query), leveraging natural language processing to enable anyone regardless of skill level and expertise to ask data questions in plain language and instantly receive the answer in Yellowfin.

Guided NLQ is available as part of Yellowfin’s latest release, Yellowfin 9.7, which also launches along with Yellowfin’s eBook, “Guided Natural Language Query:5 Benefits of a Guided Approach to NLQ”. For more information, visit here.

Guided NLQ is a step change in the democratisation of self-service analytics. With Guided NLQ, analytics consumers are guided every step of the way through thousands of comprehensively modelled question types and sequences, enabling them to ask questions such as, “Show sales by product category and highlight outliers for this month” in plain language of their data.

Yellowfin instantly provides an answer with a best practice visualisation and report, overlaying automated analysis where necessary. Integrated throughout the Yellowfin platform, consumers can immediately explore answers in further detail in the Advanced Report Builder, and even add them into existing Yellowfin content such as Dashboards, Stories and Present.

“As business complexity increases, so does the demand for a simplified analytics experience for the augmented consumer,” says Glen Rabie, CEO of Yellowfin. “There is significant demand from companies looking to shift analytical capabilities previously only available to analysts to the business user, and Guided NLQ delivers exactly that for true self-service analytics. Combined with Signals and Stories, we see Guided NLQ as the final piece in the puzzle of making analytics more consumer-focused, fulfilling the need for insights that are automated, contextual to our users’ context and delivered in an experience that makes the most sense for them.”

Guided NLQ is immediately available at no additional cost as part of the Yellowfin platform.

 Additional key areas of enhancements in Yellowfin 9.7 are:

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