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ExtraHop introduces proactive threat hunting and network assurance services to help manage ‘cybersecurity hygiene’

October 8, 2021

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

ExtraHopa specialist in cloud-native network detection and response (NDR), has expanded Reveal(x) Advisor services that provide threat detection and hunting capabilities alongside network assurance analysis. Reveal(x) Advisor provides dedicated ExtraHop threat analysts and security advisors that deliver timely and precise analysis of priority detections, hunt the network for indicators of current or future compromise, and continually probe for vulnerabilities, such as outdated protocol use or shadow IT. 

Security teams are overwhelmed by threat volume and staff shortages. They barely have time to respond to priority alerts, let alone think proactively about their cybersecurity hygiene strategy. The Ponemon Institute shared that 60% of organisations that had a breach found the root cause to be a known vulnerability with a patch available. Reveal(x) Advisor addresses these challenges by helping customers assess their cybersecurity maturity, clear their alert queues, and proactively hunt for threat activity across workloads.

The sophistication of attacks combined with fierce competition for security talent has convinced many organisations to turn to professional and managed services. Services like Reveal(x) Advisor from ExtraHop can help organisations increase their cybersecurity maturity, especially when combined with customisable network assurance and threat hunting, as well as proactive advisory services around security posture and approach,” says Christina Richmond, program vice president for Security Services, IDC.

“Reveal(x) Advisor accelerates threat readiness and response through enhanced identification, protection, detection, and network preparation,” according to Mark Bowling, VP of security services, ExtraHop. “It prevents network intrusions and compromises by working with the enterprise to take action before the first alert to provide threat-free network assurance. If there are indications of intrusion, Reveal(x) Advisor provides a near-immediate response based on network indicators.”

New services include:

ExtraHop’s Reveal(x) 360 SaaS NDR offering combined with Advisor services help organisations around the world improve their security posture, modernise cyber defenses, and address the talent shortage in cybersecurity. All Reveal(x) Advisor services are available today.

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