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Aria Systems announces its commitment to TM Forum’s open APIs & open digital architecture

September 9, 2021

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

Brendan O’Brien of Aria Systems

Aria Systems, the provider of helping enterprises grow subscription and usage-based revenue, announced it has signed the TM Forum‘s Open API & Open Digital Architecture (ODA) Manifesto in support of the telecommunication industry’s move to cloud-native monetisation solutions.

The Open API & ODA model is designed to replace traditional operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS) architectures and become the de facto standard for open platforms, allowing communication service providers (CSPs) to digitally transform and reduce software procurement, integration, and development inefficiencies.

Aria has been a member of the TM Forum since 2020 and today supports over 100 global enterprises and CSPs, including Telstra, M1, and Comcast. Signing the manifesto extends Aria’s commitment to share its expertise in delivering game-changing transformation solutions to the telecommunications community with partners like Matrixx, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Vlocity.

“Open APIs and the ODA deliver critical new capabilities faster and at much lower costs to CSPs,” says, Brendan O’Brien, Aria Systems’ co-founder and chief innovation officer. “These new standards make it much easier for operators to launch private networks, software-driven data connectivity, and new 5G services in this era of virtualised networks and cloud partnerships.”

George Glass

Aria offers over 370 APIs that enable integration of its cloud monetisation platform that will align with TM Forum Open API standards. Its micro-service architecture enables CSPs to use only what they need as they launch new business models and integrated operations.

“In signing the manifesto, TM Forum members such as Aria Systems are committing to the design principles and essential standards required to enable a truly ‘plug-and-play’ set of technology capabilities,” says, George Glass, CTO, TM Forum. “Open APIs and ODA are gaining momentum quickly, transforming and modernising IT and operations for CSPs, and eliminating the sinking of resources into legacy solutions that inhibit agility and innovation.”

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