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PlasticArm: Realising the full potential of the IoT

July 22, 2021

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

Flexible electronics can seamlessly integrate with everyday objects through a combination of ultra-thin form-factor, conformability, extreme low-cost and potential for mass-scale production, enabling incredible innovation.

Arm Research and PragmatIC have been research in this area with the PlasticArm project, and we’re sharing new detail around our progress in a paper published in Nature, which discusses how we’ve achieved the fully functional non-silicon Arm processor.

“As ultra-low-cost microprocessors become commercially viable, all sort of markets will open with interesting use cases such as smart sensors, smart labels and intelligent packaging. Products using these devices could help with sustainability by reducing food waste and promote the circular economy with smart life-cycle tracking. Personally, I think that the biggest impact could be in healthcare this technology really lends itself to building intelligent disposable health monitoring systems that can be applied directly to the skin.” says, John Biggs, distinguished engineer, Arm Research.

PlasticArm is a 32-bit Arm microprocessor developed with metal-oxide thin-film transistor technology on a flexible substrate. For additional details, please read the Arm Community blog.

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