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DTC Broadcast launches HEVC broadcast transmitter

April 30, 2021

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

DTC Broadcast, the wireless communications provider, has launched the Eclipse, an HEVC transmitter for wireless HD and 4K/UHD.

Based around DTC’s “Single Frame Latency” HEVC H.265 encoding technology, the Eclipse is a fully-featured outside broadcast transmitter with video formats up to 2160p 60 and with frequency band solutions for all major markets.

With 10 bit encoding and HDR compatibility, the Eclipse can transmit a single 12G, 2 x 6G or 4 x 3G-SDI UHD video or four independent 3G-SDI HD videos with embedded audio. It also offers dual high-performance stereo analogue audio inputs with phantom power as well as the option of integrated UHF camera control.

The transmitter uses industry standard DVB-T modulation for compatibility with existing systems and offers Dual-Pedestal capability with 200mW output power. The Eclipse employs the robust transmission on the market, along with the lowest power consumption at just 25W.

The Eclipse does not just transmit traditional COFDM but can be switched to Mesh mode and operate within an IP Mesh network. DTC’s IP Mesh enables a fluid, self-forming, Bi-directional IP network. The combination of HEVC video encoding and DTC’s MeshUltra wireless IP network offers broadcasters unprecedented flexibility for multiple IP data services on the same network and frequency.

Nigel Lee, vice president international sales added, “As the transition from H.264 to H.265 has continued, we have listened to what customers really want from a wireless camera transmitter and have all the features requested. Also, we have integrated all our experience of IP Mesh networking and we are looking forward to bringing it to the market. The Eclipse is in production now.”

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