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Data Union framework launched, Streamr calls for IoT developers to join

October 12, 2020

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

Henri Pihkala of Streamr

The Data Union, a framework which allows IoT app developers to offer new data monetisation opportunities to users, moves today from public beta to full launch.

By integrating the framework, app developers can empower their users to monetise the real-time information they create every day online using IoT, smart or connected devices.

Interested developers can also apply for seed funding from Streamr to create Data Union projects to help individuals take back more control of the data they create online.

By joining a Data Union, such as Swash, individuals can actually earn money as they browse the web. Streamr‘s concept is designed to decentralise control of our information away from a few giant corporations.

The data is sent to a stream on the Streamr Network, and access to the pooled data is sold as a product on the Streamr Marketplace. Any revenue from the data product is automatically shared among the Data Union members and distributed as DATA, an ERC-20 Ethereum token.

Henri Pihkala, Streamr’s founder and CEO says: “We’re very excited about the potential of Data Unions and can’t wait to hear from developers who have ambitions to create their own. Democratising the value of our data like this helps to decentralise the monopoly of a few giant corporations, putting control back in the hands of the individual user.” ”

To celebrate the launch Streamr is holding the ‘Data Challenge’ hackathon across India, starting later this month, in partnership with Lumos Labs. The 16-week challenge will see hundreds of developers from the subcontinent compete to build innovative apps around the Data Union technology.

Data Union details

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