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Valid provides its secure eSIM Operating System to Infineon’s new OPTIGA™ Connect IoT solution

July 3, 2020

Posted by: Jeremy Cowan


( – Sponsored News) Madrid, Spain – July 02, 2020 – Valid, the leading provider of technology solutions for the mobile, identity, data and payments industries, designed the eSIM Operating System (OS), trademarked as mioSIMTM eSIM (embedded SIM) M2M, to help securely provision, identify, manage and connect devices to cellular networks.

The well-proven eSIM Operating System is also a key element of the OPTIGA™ Connect OC2321 eSIM IoT solution from Infineon Technologies AG and as such allows to comply with the latest GSMA specifications. Being ready-to-connect, Infineon’s eSIM turnkey solution enables easy, secured and cost-optimized deployment and management of cellular-enabled IoT devices at scale.

An efficient and highly secure Operating System is becoming a critical part of the next SIM product evolution. As eSIM technology becomes the next generation of the SIM card industry, device makers have now the ability to embed the SIM card into their devices to connect them to the network. This enables new use cases and captures new revenue opportunities while driving digitalization and providing a better customer experience in the IoT arena, especially for Cloud Security, Industrial Automation, Smart Energy and Light Electric Vehicles among other sectors.

In order to guarantee the best security, reliability, scalability and a high level of performance, Valid’s mioSIMTM eSIM M2M OS is adapted to address all new IoT and market requirements. The secure software has been designed by a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, with more than 25 years of experience in the Secure Operating System Industry to implement a large range of features, enabling interoperability with all mobile compliant networks as well as the secure and reliable Over-The-Air management of applications.

“After the growth of eSIM adoption in the mobile consumer market, the value of eSIM now has multiple IoT applications either for consumer devices or industrial sector. With 5G deployment on the horizon for cellular IoT connectivity, more and more Devices Makers will need a streamlined approach to provide connectivity at such a global scale. The OPTIGA Connect solution is a comprehensive and easy to integrate eSIM IoT solution that will drive cellular IoT connectivity – supplying the operating software is one of the key pillars of Valid’s overall strategy to play a key role in the eSIM ecosystem” said Mikaël DUBREUCQ, Global Strategic Marketing Director at Valid.

Valid also brings its expertise and know how in sensitive data generation and secure personalization services to certify interoperability and compliance with eSIM GSMA test and certification requirements. The OS software guarantees both high-performance and GSMA eSIM M2M SGP.02 V3.2 compliant operating systems, as well as worldwide coverage of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE-M, and NB-IoT.

“We are delighted to embed Valid’s eSIM OS solution in our new OPTIGA Connect IoT solution. Our customers will benefit from Valid’s experience in designing security systems for many sectors – making them one of our providers of choice for a project that requires security to be top-of-mind in implementation,” said Oliver Carron, Senior Manager Application Marketing IoT Security at Infineon.

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