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ZTE wins Industry Leader Award at NGOF with 5G transport solution

January 10, 2020

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

ZTE Corporation, an international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, has won Industry Leader Award at Next Generation Optical Forum (NGOF) for its packet enhanced OTN 5G transport solution. This award fully verifies ZTE’s technological innovations and industry application capabilities.

This solution implements the integrated transport of home broadband, private line and 5G services on OTN through unified switching of ODU/PKT/VC services. It also solves the problems of existing transport networks, including varied technology systems, complicated devices and high CAPEX/OPEX.

In 2019, ZTE extended in-depth cooperation with Shenzhen branch of China Unicom and Suzhou branch of China Telecom on the packet enhanced OTN 5G transport solution, continuously optimising the performance of the solution. By means of lab and field tests, ZTE and partners have fully verified the advantages of the packet enhanced OTN 5G transport solution.

In January 2019, ZTE and Shenzhen branch of China Unicom claims to adopt the world’s first packet enhanced OTN + IPRAN solution to construct 5G mobile backhaul networks. Multiple measures are adopted to protect against multi-point failure and guarantee network stability and reliability. This solution facilitates the world’s first 5G mobile phone call in the field test.

Moreover, in November 2019, ZTE completed packet enhanced OTN 5G backhaul transport test on the existing network of Suzhou branch of China Telecom. The test results show that ZTE’s packet enhanced OTN devices, employing ZXMP M721 at the access layer and ZXONE 9700 at the aggregation and core layer while integrating L3 functions like SR/MPLS, can fully address the end-to-end transport requirements of 5G backhaul services, and have such advantages as simplified network hierarchy and multi-service unified transport.

Moving forward, ZTE will continue to work actively and closely with upstream and downstream enterprises of the optical transport industry for technological innovation, test, verification and trial application to accelerate large-scale commercial deployment of 5G.

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