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Early warning system enables enterprises to predict and prevent IT downtime

December 4, 2019

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

Tej Redkar of LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor announced general availability of its AIOps early warning system. This marks the latest development of its AIOps solution, LM Intelligence.

The new system is designed to provide actionable warning indicators for imminent issues. Combined with the single pane of glass view enabled by LogicMonitor’s unified IT infrastructure monitoring platform, LM Intelligence helps enterprises predict and prevent IT outages, saving IT teams time, money and avoiding potential damage to their brand reputation.

“In the same way that a doctor identifies symptoms that if left untreated might lead to major complications, LM Intelligence’s AIOps early warning system will detect the signs that precede IT performance problems, and warn users accordingly,” says Tej Redkar, chief product officer at LogicMonitor.

96% of IT decision makers report experiencing at least one major outage during the past three years. By providing our customers with AIOps functionality that warns them about issues before they happen, teams can prevent problems and outages instead of reacting to them. This ultimately prevents service-level agreement failure and helps teams deliver a consistently positive customer experience.”

The new AIOps early warning system within LM Intelligence features root cause analysis and dynamic thresholds, which intelligently identify signal from noise so IT teams can focus on the most important issues in complex on-premises and multi-cloud IT infrastructures. With dynamic thresholds, LogicMonitor uses anomaly detection to define an expected performance range for specific IT resources based on historical performance and ensures that alerts are only sent to IT operations teams for anomalies outside of that normal range.

“Linux machines notoriously generate lots of CPU performance alerts. These machines are being highly utilised intentionally and well within their limits, but it’s creating noise,” according to Jason Smith, associate director at Agio, which leverages LogicMonitor to offer managed IT solutions to hedge funds, private equity and investment managers. “With dynamic thresholds now part of LM Intelligence, we only get alerted when CPU is truly abnormal.”

Root cause analysis (RCA) uses automatically-discovered infrastructure topology to find the root cause for performance anomalies, and automatically limits sent notifications to only those that are relevant to the root cause, ensuring that IT operations teams aren’t flooded with alerts for downstream symptoms.

“Using LM Intelligence’s new AIOps early warning system, you can easily see and understand potential issues in the system and be more proactive in resolving them,” says Idan Lerer, senior director, US Operations at OptimalPlus. “This is a great feature that helps our business.”

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