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Optiv and Veracode support application security with Software Assurance as-a-Service

November 22, 2019

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

Leslie Bois of Veracode

Optiv Security, a security solutions integrator delivering end-to-end cybersecurity solutions, announced it has partnered with Veracode to improve application security at the development level.The new Software Assurance as-a-Service (SAaaS) offering leverages Optiv’s cybersecurity knowledge and Veracode’s robust program management framework and software testing automation technology to help organisations secure web applications without slowing down the speed of development.

“Considering that the majority of web applications are released without being tested for security, our new foundational application security program, in partnership with Veracode, gives organisations confidence to release secure software while reducing risk, time to market and reactive costs,” said Bryan Wiese, division vice president, advisory services for Optiv. “As a security solutions integrator, Optiv is uniquely positioned to help organisations’ plan, build and run any element of their cybersecurity programs, including application security.”

SAaaS assists with the detection, analysis and response to application vulnerabilities and the integration of security and development workflows through:

“The Optiv SAaaS offering, powered by automated software testing from Veracode, brings world class AppSec capabilities to satisfy market demand for software that is secure from the start,” said Leslie Bois, vice president, global channel and alliances at Veracode.

“Optiv SAaaS enables modern organisations of all sizes and maturity levels to take advantage of our highly scalable platform and seamless integration to build a customised AppSec program that delivers secure software faster. This offering can help companies empower their development and security teams, lower their security risk, and turn security into a competitive advantage.”

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