Global Digital Forum

June 13, 2019

Posted by: IoT global network

Event date: September 4 – September 5, 2019
Santa Clara Convention Center, USA

GLOBAL DIGITAL FORUM is conference with a difference. It is not just about new products and ideas. Digital transformation is more than the creation of an innovative product. It is about creating communities of Technology Providers and Technology Consumers, who are brought together to share problems and challenges, ideas, knowledge, and best practices. GLOBAL DIGITAL FORUM has the ability to elevate the digital transformation conversation — who’s involved, what’s being said, and ultimately what’s being done to drive business value upward.

GLOBAL DIGITAL FORUM is customer-focused. We are an INDUSTRY SOLUTION CONFERENCE, where customers and innovators will meet to discuss end-to-end solutions.

Innovators will have access to thought leaders from various Industries, which will help to drive changes to product offerings based upon customer input, go-to-market strategies, and industry partnering.
• GDF is broader than other conferences in that it will address all four horizontal digital technologies
• Attendees have the ability not only to discuss the future of technology but more importantly the practical applications across 8 leading industries
• As opposed to a single company sponsored event, GDF is an ecosystem providing best of breed thereby allowing audiences exposure to a variety of products
• One of a kind event that incorporates developed countries as well as developing countries
• Opportunity for smaller companies and innovators to showcase their solutions on a global scale
• VCs get the opportunity to see innovation across nations