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ServiceMax launches Artificial Intelligence capability with remote triage to cut needless truck rolls

April 25, 2019

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

Amit Jain of ServiceMax

ServiceMax, a provider of cloud-based software for service execution management, has launched ServiceMax Remote Triage. This is a new module for the ServiceMax platform and uses Aquant’s Machine Learning engine to help service organisations analyse data from multiple sources to reduce unnecessary dispatching of technicians and service equipment, also known as “truck rolls.”

Every time a service technician is needlessly dispatched to a work site, or fails to complete a job during the first visit due to an unexpected problem, it cuts into a company’s bottom line. Even those service organisations that track asset movement in near real-time often need help pinpointing the causes of equipment failures and making sense of the best next steps.

The Technology Services Industry Association’s research report, The State of Field Services: 2019, notes that assisted proactive support technologies can help service organisations reduce truck rolls by as much as 71%. In fact, overall adoption of Artificial Intelligence capabilities for service work is on the rise. A March 2019 IDC report predicts that worldwide spending on AI systems will reach $35.8 billion (€32.1 billion) in 2019, and is expected to more than double by 2022.

Leveraging Aquant’s Service Intelligence Platform, ServiceMax Remote Triage unlocks insights with natural language processing and Machine Learning. The module allows users to identify failures quickly and offers actionable solutions. Service organisations can empower their service teams with a guided process that asks pinpointed questions and ranks possible solutions by likelihood of success and cost effectiveness. Planners and dispatchers can triage the problem with greater accuracy, recommend a remote solution or if a truck roll is required, have greater confidence in selecting the right technicians for the job and dispatching them with the right parts and tools.

Mark Hessinger

“As a client of both ServiceMax and Aquant, I’m excited that two great products are coming together to help organisations provide better service,” said Mark Hessinger, vice president, Global Customer Services at 3D Systems. “With Artificial Intelligence-driven insights, resolving customer challenges has become more efficient and accurate, ultimately driving improved service profitability.”

“Truck rolls are one of the costliest actions in a service organisation. With ServiceMax Remote Triage, we’ve added new capabilities to our platform to help improve and streamline service jobs from the very start, improving operations and experiences for customers and the technicians who service them,” said Amit Jain, senior vice president of product at ServiceMax. “Our partnership with Aquant raises the bar on how field service applications can take advantage of AI and Machine Learning technologies to solve specific problems in the service execution process.”

“We are excited to announce our new partnership with ServiceMax,” said Shahar Chen, CEO of Aquant. “As the leader of AI technology for the service industry, we look forward to delivering more exciting products that empower service leaders with transformational business insights.”

Mark Hessinger of 3D Systems is presenting at Field Service USA 2019, speaking on April 24 about the company’s use of AI to transform service work. Members of the ServiceMax leadership team will also be presenting on April 23 and 24 about the future of field service management.

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