Rising stars: Top IoT start-ups across industries

March 19, 2019

Posted by: Anasia D'mello

Emil Waszkowski of Future Mind

IoT proves to be a transformative force for many businesses, regardless of industry. Yet, there are a few sectors that can benefit from this concept in particular – and both start-ups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seem to be well aware of that, as new ventures offering powerful IoT solutions emerge.

Before digging deeper into the Internet of Things, meet top IoT start-ups within rapidly developing industries, says Emil Waszkowski, growth manager & business analyst at Future Mind.

Until recently, advanced IoT solutions were only reserved for large companies with substantial budgets. With tech innovations taking hold of society and becoming more accessible, though, start-ups and SMEs started to take advantage of IoT as well. Still, using IoT in practice is one thing – but developing proper IoT devices to serve consumers and enterprises is a completely different story.

All start-ups nowadays are essentially built around technology, and that’s hardly surprising. Anyone interested in starting a business simply shouldn’t ignore the massive potential of new technologies, especially IoT. In fact, according to Crunchbase, more than 26,000 startups are already relying on IoT as one of their main technologies to launch new products and services. It’s clear to see that IoT applications hold great potential for many business ventures, no matter the industry.

It might be the reason why worldwide spending on the Internet of Things is on the rise – and may even surpass the US$1 trillion (€0.88 trillion) mark in 2022, as IDC reports. Yet, there are a few sectors that can benefit from IoT solutions in particular.

According to the Boston Consulting Group, by 2020 almost half of overall spending on IoT is expected to be driven by manufacturing, as well as transportation and logistics. Forbes Insights and Intel also add healthcare to the list of industries that have a lot to gain from applying the Internet of Things in practice – and the use cases within these industries have truly been remarkable.

IoT start-ups are already enabling new business models, solving some of the most challenging problems and truly transforming industries that are involved with IoT the most. And here’s how.

Top IoT start-ups in the manufacturing industry

So far, optimising core manufacturing processes along with reducing costs are top priorities for this industry, and IoT can clearly make that easier.

As a matter of fact, more and more organisations are starting to take advantage of it, and many of them trust newly-emerged IoT solutions when transforming their enterprises.

The most prominent IoT startups in the industry are, above all:

Top IoT start-ups vs transportation and logistics

Powerful IoT solutions don’t belong only to the manufacturing industry, though. Smart IoT sensors are also able to monitor the parameters of different vehicles and thus, alert their owners whenever any issue arises.

Still, apart from keeping an eye on vehicle health and ensuring safe transportation, it’s possible to optimise other factors, such as fuel consumption – which doesn’t only help reduce costs but also eliminate the need for manual reporting.

Such solutions are especially relevant for companies owning large fleets of vehicles, but these are not only enterprises that can partner up with top IoT startups in the industry:

Examples of top IoT start-ups in healthcare

The healthcare industry has probably the most exceptional use cases since they are all about keeping patients safe and sound while making it easier for physicians to perform their daily tasks.

Remote health monitoring is a popular example – but the list of powerful IoT healthcare solutions doesn’t end here. These startups can truly be game changers within the industry very soon:

Driving change with IoT applications

Internet of Things can be used in different industries, providing space for software developers to create ground-breaking IoT applications and bring the offline world online. It’s clear to see that the revolution has already been happening, with innovative IoT startups emerging more and more frequently.

This, in turn, helps to create an ecosystem of connected devices, that generates a massive amount of data and has the power to enhance the way we live and do business. Stay tuned, as those newcomers might soon transform your industry as well.

The author of this blog is Emil Waszkowski, growth manager & business analyst at Future Mind

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The author is Emil Waszkowski, growth manager & business analyst at Future Mind, a full stack software development company that designs and implements mobile, web and IoT projects, including ConnectedBoat.

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