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Xpertrule is the brain of IoT; automating expert business knowledge and turning real-time data into rapid decisions and actions. Xpertrule provides 'Distributed Intelligence' by delivering a powerful, light touch engine to every node of the IoT ecosystem, running on device, gateway, cloud and mobile and interoperable with any enterprise or BIG data source. Integrated Intelligence across your value chain shortens the timescale between event, diagnosis, alert and action and delivers rapid benefits where it matters!

XpertRule Software is a leading supplier of business rules automation software to global clients.  Our core solution automates business knowledge and turns Big Data into actionable insight. The key applications of this technology are:

             Internet of Things, Expert Advisory Systems, Rules Automation & Decision Analytics

Our IoT Software Framework adds rules-based intelligence to IoT applications, acting as the ‘brain function’ in any IoT ecosystem. Key features include:

  • Distributed Intelligence – the solution can be deployed at every IoT node – asset, gateway, cloud and mobile
  • Cloud based or local processing of real time events/data for intelligent monitoring of IoT connected devices, for example to support preventative & predictive maintenance
  • Mobile device Native apps (Android/iOS,Windows) for interactive advice and guidance for local and remote users
  • Local device/Mobile device intelligent event/data monitoring for local user interaction/workflows

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Number of Employees:
Revenue (in USD):

to 5000000
Connectivity providers - Wireless, Fixed Line, Satellite, (M)VNO

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Salford Innovation Forum
United Kingdom

Tom Davies
Director of Digital Solutions