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amplía))), with more than 10 years working on the Internet of Things, will help you integrate your devices and business processes through our OpenGate platform. It allows controlling all the IoT infrastructure from assets and devices to sim cards and lines, effectively and more security.

OpenGate IoT Platform allows dealing with a large number of data and devices with the independence of protocols and manufacturers. OpenGate implements security policies at the device, network and data center levels.

With the Device Management module, you will check automatically the status of the devices and schedule periodic maintenance tasks. The platform collects data from sensors, gateways, transactions, and file transfers. It will adapt to your company with its organization support and adaptation to different protocols, producing Business Intelligence reports for your business.

OpenGate integrates perfectly with devices, networks and corporate systems. All the features in this IoT platform have been designed to fit in all the vertical scenarios, support for different communication technologies.As well, it is highly scalable, suitable to be deployed in companies with a critical and large-scale environments. 

Amplía))), a company with 100% Spanish capital, provides M2M and IoT solutions since 2003. We work together with partners and associations to enable the creation of new products, solutions, applications for improving people lifestyle and the society. In this regard, we are members of the Industrial Internet Consortium to contribute with our experience and knowledge in the Industrial Internet of Things market.

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Rafael Morillo
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Device Management
Device Management
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IoT Platform OpenGate
IoT Platform OpenGate

Opengate is an IoT Platform developed by amplía))), a Spanish Technology company with more than 15 years experience in M2M and IoT solutions to manage, locate, monitor and analyze devices

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