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DataOnline is a Leading Global Provider of M2M solutions specifically for the Monitoring of Remote Fixed & Mobile Industrial Assets.

DataOnline is a leading global provider of M2M solutions across industry. In the Industrial Gas Industry DataOnline is used specifically for the monitoring of both fixed and mobile remote assets. Our applications include tank level monitoring, ISO container tracking, tube trailer monitoring & many more. In many other industries, such as Chemical or Water & Waste Water, DataOnline is a leader in providing supply chain solutions and remote asset monitoring.


Machine-To-Machine (M2M) solutions keep you in touch with your remote assets, allowing you to Optimize Your Resources, Improve Your Asset Utilization & Strengthen Your Customer Communication.



DataOnline was voted top M2M company in 2011 by Connected World Magazine.

DataOnline specializes in robust and reliable hardware, data acquisition, wireless communications & web-based information management services. We supply end-to-end solutions that are quick, easy and cost effective

DataOnline offers a complete range of sensors, monitoring devices,  installation & mainenance services and industry specific web applications.

You can find DataOnline solutions across industries and continents. DataOnline products have a flexible architecture allowing for the right combination of sensor, power & communications.

DataOnline has offices in the US, Europe and Asia and a global network of representative companies.

DataOnline has 100,000+ installations in over 35 countries.

Additional information about DataOnline, including the company’s latest news releases, can be found at DataOnline's World Wide Web site at .

DataOnline® is a registered trademark of DataOnline LLC.


DataOnline  - Everywhere and Anywhere.

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DataOnline Company Video on its M2M Capabilities
DataOnline Company Video on its M2M Capabilities

This video introduces DataOnline and the various industrial markets it serves with its Global M2M solutions