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Advisory firm specializing in readying clients for the Connected World, Instituionalizing Innovation, and general Growth Strategy Realization

Corporate Growth Strategy Advisors (CGS Advisors, LLC) was founded in 2008 with the focus to help leaders cut through the noise, and define unique paths to growth. Generally, we advise those who seek to make things better; to change the status quo; and ultimately to grow to achieve their visions.

Our advisory services make up our primary line of business. Although we often find ourselves advising on general business matters, our three focus areas are:
• Connected World Advisors - Experts in readying a firm to compete in the ultra-connected world where all "things" are connected to the internet and products become services.
• Innovation Team Launch & Support- Innovation is at the heart of today's competition, outsourcing all innovation is not smart, but partnering to rapidly launch your internal innovation team is.
• Strategy Formulation and Implentation Services - Applying an Enterprise Architecture rooted methodology, we help refine strategies, and plan and execute their implementation.

We know what we are (and are not):

We are:
â–  Advisors - This is your business, we are here to support it.
â–  Experienced - We are former Chief Strategy Officers, Chief Innovation Officers, CIOs, and senior leaders who understand the difference between disruption and cultural destruction.
â–  Systemic - We see strategy as a complex problem with many interrelated parts.
â–  Visionary - Expect big change vs. tweaking the status quo.

What we are not:
â–  Efficiency Experts
â–  Techies
â–  Sacred Cow Tenders


Innovation, Connected World, Strategy Formulation, Strategy Implementation, Connected Vehicle, Telematics, Enterprise Architecture, Chief Marketing Technology Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, IT Strategy, Advisory, Innovative Technology


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